Transitions Scene 1

Jena Stocks

The continuing saga.

Law of the Wild Chapter 01

Mitch Wold

Mark East is a detective with a serious problem...


L. 'Cerastes' DuVall

A horror story about a homeless man who comes to realize that he is truely one of the disenfranchised.

Street Shadows: Chapter One

Keya Paul

The first chapter of Street Shadows. Took me long enough yes, but I couldn't decide on how to start it out. Finally I chose one idea and stuck with it. A little rough here and there, a few grammer mistakes, but I'm still mostly satisfied with it in a whole. The Wraiths get introduced here as well as several of the main characters. Now, what is Street Shadows about? Well, I'm too lazy to describe it again, so go look on the Prologue. No vampires yet, sorry, not until the second chapter at the most.

Mental Gymnastics Chapter 2

Samantha Garioch

The second chapter in my novel. This is as far as ive got so far

Mind Games

Julie Golick

This story is about a telepath in law enforcement, set in a near-future sci-fi world. It's a character sketch about the potential power of telepaths, more-or-less.

Hymns of Betrayal Chapter 1

Anand Upadhyay

Chapter 1 - Kelith Barr, an oppressed slave, fights for his freedom, but there is only one way out.

Vampires of Oxford

Makenzi Crouch

Incomplete piece about vampires in Oxford. I'm not entirely pleased with how it's going so far, but I haven't had a chance to get back to it in almost a year, and I've had other writing priorities. It's still rolling around in my brain, though, and I'm still fond of Rory. I'll get back to her eventually and smooth out the problems that I already know exist in this draft. In the meantime, there's some good stuff in here along with the bad. I do like my ginger vampire, though, and I love the fact that he lives in Blackwell's. That is an awesome building.

PK Chapter 1: In One Hour

John Diehl

 The opening chapter of my science fiction psychological thriller that follows a former S.W.A.T. officer who takes a job at a state hospital, and discovers a top secret project researching the psychokinetic phenomen.

PK Chapter 2: The Hallway

John Diehl

 Dave encounters the patient named Alexavier and experiences his first major psycokinetic event.

The Telephone Pole

Jon Hanson

My first major accident.

'Faerie Visitors'

Dream Black

Ashe and Maer'yt go hunting a criminal on another world- with interesting concequences. An older story from '97

Moonray's first

Eline Carlsen

The first time captain Fredrick Moonray of the Paranormal police appeares. This was written on a mock exam, and I treasure all the characters. Just have fun!

Black Companions

Daisy Gillam

I'm not really sure how this story came about.. It just kinda popped in my head, I suppose. Anywho, it took me a while to finish it, as I've been working on it on and off for a few months. *shrug*

Transitions Scene 2

Jena Stocks

And more continuation. Beware that there is some violence in this section, though the author has tried to maintain tastefullness in all description.


Jena Stocks

A story of becomings...when the real world twists back on itself and the officers caught in the middle.

Occult Cases

Henrik Lerdahl

OK, I usually don't do sequels to my stories, but since 'The Investiagation of Enquirer Rotier' became so popular I was tempted. Some people asked me to write more about him, and my first thought was that this would be hard, seeing as the main character has no personality to speak of. But my mind started working on the idea, and here is the result. Now, firstly, this story ended up almost twice as long as the previous one. Depending on how you wiew my writing, this may or may not be a good thing. Secondly, this time I plunged down into dark, icky horror. I'm afraid that this story won't measure up to the predecessor, since they are completely different flavor-wise, but I hope it won't be TOO bad. If you haven't read the first story, don't worry. I wrote them to be entirely independant of each other.

Mirrors - Prologue

Josephine Rosén

The first part(the prologue if you haven't already guessed) of a very long story(it was supposed to be a book, we'll just have to see). The police Lindsay Simmons gets dragged in through a mystic mirror under an ordinary day at work. On the other side she meets the strange Zack and the first thing he does is to save her from being captured by the Falks. She have no idea who she can trust or where she is...

Winter Terror

Jess Hickman

Memories of murder can scar you for life..or what little is left of your own.

The Day Of The Living Chapter 2

Paul C. Turner

This is the second chapter of my parody horror story