Shadows of the Twin Moons: Chapter Two

Erin Ramos

Well, I finally got it done. The muchly revised edition of the second chapter of shadows. Go me. I hope you all like this one better than the first edition;)


David Colvin

Amid a political and military crisis within the elven Republic, a female soldier finds herself torn between her duty to her people and her own ideals.

Weep Not for a Memory (2 of 3)

Julie Gele´

Please read part one before part two. Thank you! :)

Book of Goddesses: Chapter 1

Susannah Davis

Sanya, an outcast Bloodmage of great power, finds a mysterious girl whose face is identical to her own and thus begins a search which climax is a ceremony which will grant them the power of a Goddess.

Book of Goddesses: Chapter 2

Susannah Davis

Having found the first of the five chosen, Sanya the Bloodmage comes to the Court of Milendar, the centre of power for the known world. But in Crossroads sanya finds more thanshe bargained for, as a dark past awaits her there.

Dragon Knight

Theo W Wallis

Chapter 1 of the story of Weigraf, a knight who must save (something) from (something) we've not figured it out completely

Elder Guardian Chapters 1-5

Vera Scudder

The SKinwalkers were a race of shapeshifters charged by the gods with the defense of all goodly folk. Long ago, they were exiled for crimes committed by just a few of their brethren. The discovery that they have become the unseen Guardians of the civilized lands leads them and the Elves to the brink of war. Updated, mostly asthetic and grammatical chages.

GGC - Part I - 1 - Father

Marlena Cannon

First chapter of my revised fantasy epic work, Ghosts of the Golden City. The story concerns an elven girl in a quest for her identity, amid a world of hidden political upheavings and a secret revolution of the undead. And it's all about the occult science of the mind.

The Twisted and Sick Adventures of Bill Coax (Chapter 2)

Brandon Letsinger

Incomplete as of yet.

Convent Reflections

Shuo Chen

'Nuff said! Well, this one almost has a political side to it...

Chapter 20

Andrew Casey

 After tragedy strikes, everyone attempts to recover and move forward.

The Twisted and Sick Adventures of Bill Coax (Chapter 1)

Brandon Letsinger

In a dark future not so far from ours, Bill Coax finds himself. Who is he? What's wrong with him...? What's waiting for him in the the depths of his memory? And won't someone please tell him what's going on? This is a ongoing work and also a rough draft. I'll love all the input I get (yes, even constructive critisism). I'll occasionally edit it or make changes so enjoy. If you find yourself intrigued... keep reading!

Story III - Ch. 1

Karen Langdon

This is the first time I'm having this chapter be first. The chapter that normally proceeds this one I plan to write into several different flashbacks, thus hopefully keeping it a bit more interesting :)

The Cabin Library

Bristien Havenaar

A man in exile comes across a cabin. Inside he finds a single book. (2007)

Heiress of Avron: Part One

Talitha Yawn

Rana, tomboyish heiress of the ruling family, prepares for The Calling - a rite of passage - only to have her ceremony ruined.

Book of Goddesses: Chapter 3

Susannah Davis

Sanya and Kitten have settled into life at Court and are preparing for the Milendar Ball, the premier social event of the season. However, at the Ball, Sanya meets someone whose presence throws her into confusion and shakes her suriety in her mission.

Elder Guardian Chapters 6-10

Vera Scudder

This is the conclusion of Elder Guardian. Updated, mostly asthetic changes and editting for grammar and spelling.