The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 2

E. Nadeau

As you can see, she's not quite dead yet.

The Blog: May - June 04

Harald Thingelstad

Our space traveller socializes, complains, celebrates a birthday, and even gets into a discussion.

Of Humans and Elves, Part 12

Ben Cameron

Well, after a long hiatus, I managed to finish the next chapter of OHAE. My newest character is based off an 18th century character of London: Thomas Wild. He's a remarkably interesting man who ran the largest criminal gang in England. He garnered favour with the lower class by providing a safe refuge for them to live and work, and with the upper class by turning in those crooks who double-crossed him and returning stolen goods (for a fee) that he'd 'found'. Needless to say, he became extraordinarily rich.

Origins of the Kingdom

Tina Andersen

(Incest warning on this one...) Oh, yikes... About this story: I've worked for two years developing the world these two inhabit, and I'm actually quite proud of it. Of course there are many other countries and cultures. Just to explain, the characters are Emperor Aghanim and Princess Aghamay, both of the empire Lemania. The palace they reside in is referred to as the Golden Palace, hence the mention. Semlit is part of three-men Lord General's council, the highest authority in the military, and Elin is but a lowly cadet, the lowest rank. Elin is also the biggest creep ever, but you didn't hear that from me. :D

The Prince's Wedding Night

Joanna Blaine

I wrote this for an artist on Elfwood named Hila Gerasy who has a picture of the same title. She wanted someone to write a background to the picture. The pciture is at this address:

Hermes: Chapter 17

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Its short, granted, but its building up to something...

Thiefs: Chapter 4

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Now the real story begins. We've met most of the main players, not its time to get them playing.


Sidian Mehli

An old version of Jesher's story, kind of disconnected. Back when Naphtali was a Morena, not a Deimarna. Very odd, but still, it's got something to it I like. Even though Jesher -is- a vampire innit.

Tales 2b

James Wyatt

Chapters 5-7 of Gallium.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 2

Vera Scudder

The Elder Guardian arrives in Murientel with her escort.

when oysters open

Carrie no.

ok i really like this poem, its a little weird, in fact its VERY weird. but, its about a lot of things. and a good poem or story is always about a lot of things and can never be described in a few words... i think this might be one of those things. or maybe not, and i just cant think of how to describe it without just saying it. anyway, read it:) tell me what you think

The Future is Coming: Prologue

Thomas Chittenden

Its the beginning, go figure. This provides a little background before I dive into the actual storytelling, and yes, this is all original, from my mind, so no stealing.

The Family : part I

Emma Poyntz

set on an alternate earth, its got magic and wars and politics and love and all the usual bits and pieces

The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 1

E. Nadeau

In a corrupt world where politics are a joke, people keep exploding and there are no anger management classes available, Rinya Pyris writes in her journal

Chapter 4: Lessons

S. Rogers

This is not one of the more exciting chapters. Rather it sets up some of the problems and politics of Lynar. I will try to get Chapter 5 out quickly to make up for this chapter!

The Caretakers of Peace: Book I: Chapter II 'A Conspiracy and a Fire'

Joel Meredith

Chapter II is now revised and ready for reading. In this chapter you get a glimpse into the city of Anire and you explore its characters and political dealings.

Of Humans and Elves, Part 8

Ben Cameron

Niell, Inari and Terraic leave the city. The fast way. I've tried to incorporate a little more description here, whilst keeping up with the dialogue. Any comments on that would be muchly appreciated. Also, Part 7 portrayed the 'enemy' as evil, but here I tried to give them at least sympathy, if not understanding so I'd love to know if I swayed your opinion of them with the beginning of this chapter. Note: 'Soleil' is the surname of the royal family.

Insider's Chess 2

Alyssa Blair

The second chapter basically...its not any better or hopefully any worse than the first...anyway the same goes for this one...if you have any hints for me let me know...(just leave out things like . .your enternal hate for me and the like=) .. Oh and I'm having problems with the uh. . the dialouge stuff. . . as I don't talk enough to know how people talk. . . so either they over talk or uh. . whatever. . and then I'm not all that sure what they've got to say . . hmm .. well I'll work on it. . and if you never see a thrid one then. . you know how that went...

The Song Enchanting - Chapter 1

Eva Gorup

This is a longer story, still in growing. This is Chapter 1; in which people mostly meet.

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 23-26

Dale Hardman

Getting near the end now. Hope you like it.