Michael's Tale: Chapter 2

Garon Whited

Mike discovers interesting friends and facts.

Katie's Intro

Timothy Buck

The first in the series of storys


Charlotte Geier

High on a hill somewhere in mythical Greece, stands a lifeless old tree. Somehow its form seems to contain the image of an old woman. Passing below its leafless limbs is a well-worn pathway. A rounded stone seat fits into the spreading roots, and a dried-up water pool shares space with the stone. Was she enchanted? What enchanter has changed these forms? A fellow Lothlorien artist has illustrated this poem with one of her drawings. Please visit Joumana's gallery to view her wonderful rendition! http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/artists/joumana/joumana.html

The Golden Pool Of Dreams

Alyssa Watson

I did this story a while ago and i tried to upload it but i forgot the html stuff so yea...

My Dream


This is an actual dream I had that was just so cool on paper I couldn't NOT put it up here.... Some people in this are fictional, others are not, therefore, any resemblance to you, or anyone you know could be (and probably are)coicedental. Either that, or I'm stalking you......

A Sequel Is Absolutely Absurd

John Pettit

Captain Jester and Gilbert are at it again. This time, they are off to the deepest parts of Africa in search for the Sacred Walrus once again. Can the two absent-minded heroes manage to find and return the walrus (again)?

Perfect murder

Chone Smith

Its about a murder set at a hotel..but it has an enchanted creature in it. there are no names in my stories that are important so i'd rather not mention them. its pointless..she doesnt live long enough to remember.

The Unicorn

Erika Anderson

A poem about a unicorn.


Justine T. Phillips

Shounen ai. My newest couple, a prim and proper elven prince, and a lain back pirate find the path to love, once upon a warm, summer day, upon a little bit of questing, inside this short story. Another one of my sad attempts at a bit of romantic humor. Involves my shounen ai-lovin' muse, the Goddess Toriko, and her loyal follower nymphs.

Accidental Universe

Brittany Sparks

The gods are restless. Its time to bring in the pool table! I had a LOT of fun writing this one...those gods need to not be so hasty.

At The Brink Of Death

lizz longwood

in this story Maul is Andel's son. Andel's wife got away from Rangor and went and had a child whom she named Maul, and then she met Deeble, who was mentally ill, and they got married and had Xlander. Xlander later becomes known as The Whistler and Maul becomes known as The Capturer. and basically what happens is Maul captures spirits, gives them to Xlander who sends them into true death. As for Wren...well she's a mystery ;] enjoy

Slayer from hell

Simone v.d. Kaaij

This poem is about a slayer from hell breathing the smell of death into your neck...

Dust on the Wind

Anita King

Whoo! Poem. A line popped into my head, and I just started writing whatever sounded good. It ended up sounding sufficiently fantasyish that I thought I could sneak it in. ;P

Etain Chapter 7

Amber Hill

The Starbeasts are showing up more and more! The dolphin stop to rest for the evening. Coral, Fils, and Delpha explore and find out that things are no longer in balance on Etain.

The Forest Virgin

Kate Inquisition

This is a story about perception. I call it the forest Virgin because it can be viewed as a paradox. Two men travel through an ancient forest, one who knows of this maiden all along, but even with his knowledge he is unable to resist her trickery. The one dies from her cursed black pool without hesitation, and the other falls under her charm, looking so innocent, he cannot imagine how she can be of harm, but she seduces him to death, and the black pool surrounds and kills him. The story is his laments of his dire mistake. (6.11.03)

Minaguti: Chapter Three (E)

Timothy Maguire

 Destiny takes another step forwards as friends are caught up in the battle.

Human Soul

Jaymie Zapata

This story is also a tad disturbing...don't read this story if you think all humans on this earth are nice and that we are not doomed to kill eachother

The Other Half

Oonagh McAreavy

Inspired by the picture Eomer and Lothiriel by Hope Hoover but without any of the connections to Lord of the Rings. The characters are original.