C. Corbin

Ok, this is a prologue to a much longer story I'm writing, and it's based on a dream I had. I like it alot.

Ch. 1

C. Corbin

Oh yeah. First chapter in my still unnamed story, I would recommend reading its prologue before you read this or it won't make much sense... Anyway, I'm proud of myself for finishing this... Truthfully, I have no idea were the story will go after this. Any suggestions for what should happen next are certainly welcome!

Going the Distance Chapter 1

D. Flagstone

This is my favorite i won't give anything away~ (And the -kun used in the story is a honorific Japanese word)

Futures Past Ch. 8&9

Michelle Lackey

So, now we enter the realm of what actually happened and just how out of balance Turbo really is. This deals with some explanation, but I rather like the fight. So far, Elyria doesn't seem really all that bright. Oh, and the world doesn't really revolve around Turbo... just so you know. Read on.

The Hallway of Worlds

Allisyn Bridges

Humankind will never be the same.

The Traveler: Light's First Triumph

Sarah Eckstein

'My only real fault was a desire for adventure. ...I'm sorry to say that wish came true...' Her family was murdered. She was chased from her home. As a new soldier in the military she was abused and dispised by the superiors she planned to betray. She forced herself to endure four years under The Council's ranks in hopes of destroying thier tyrannical rule for good. ...She failed. In trying she destroyed any chance of creating a future for herself she had had. But out of the ashes, she became something more... A guardian of the Oracle and a Knight of the Light, by some whim of fate Sarah Summers has suddenly been charged with protecting billions of worlds from a monster and saving what little hope is still left. Her first assignment: stop a century-old war before Chaos can completely erupt. ...Yeah, piece of cake.

DF Chapter 3: Cross-Roads

Sallie Attaway

Third chapter, not much except my group breaking up, but don't worry they shall meet again. And tell me who your fave character is, I would LOVE to know!!

Dragons Blood on Fairies Wings

Nicole Stouffer

When a mining corporation finds a portal to another world in Hopewell, Mississippi ... things will never be the same for three teenagers.

The world beyond - 2nd part

Marius Ernst

Harald lost his memory and fell into a gap. Now he is travelling from world to world, looking for what he has lost. This is chapter III and IV from the story so far. Harald has left the fae to get to the unfriendly ghost worshippers. They put them on the road, the road to where? If you want to see the little fae Myriel sitting in Myrve's cave, look at this beautiful picture by Trina Daniel.


John Surtees

So yeah, a strange one this one. At the moment this is just a a place i've invented with a bit of cryptic background going on. I'll probably expand this with the creature descriptions and perhaps a story based on Iyx too.

The Blade of Arcturas: Chapter 1

Pat Zerkel

The second installment of Isaac's adventure. Not sure what else to say. Read!

Flickers in Door Ways- Part one

Nina Marshall A.K.A Confused One

this is one of those indulgence stories that I write to annoy my mother out of her logical thinking mind. Let's just say that the thesaurus was quite useful.

Visitors I

Katharina Prinz

This is a tribute to Happy Rhodes, a marvellous US-American singer, musician and songwriter. It was inspired by a song of hers, called 'Save our souls'.

The Portal of Dreams


I wrote this story for my mythology class Sophmore year. WE had to write a myth about our school. I wrote about why we aren't allowed to go into certain rooms. Of course, I put my own spin on it... and vwalla The Portal of Dreams

Cloud's Tear

Kelly Paten

Ummm...what to say??? It isn't exactly a really new concept but I wanted to try something new for me. I dont even know if I could continue this into a bigger story...comments anyone???

Alignment chapter 4

Keith Trimm

“I’m getting cold! Kill me and get it over with.”

Alignment chapter 1

Keith Trimm

Twin universes are bridged when a scientist discovers a portal to the dead.

Alignment chapter 3

Keith Trimm

I just think it’s funny we call them ghosts.”

Through the portal part 1

Lotta Sörensen

Normal 0 21 Souleater- I won’t see Trilliam again in a long time, until then we must walk separate paths. I must clear up things from my past and he must clear up things with his future. This is the story about what happend to Trilliam since he went through the gate. This Is the continuation of "The red light"

I. Hawthorn

Kristen Heritage

(The prologue to this is called Borrowed Moonlight. It's not necessary to read that first, or at all, but it's an option....  I'm just sayin'...)This is the first chapter of my mess of a novel-in-progress.  Here, you meet Willow, who is NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER, merely one protagonist whose point of view I occasionally use. Yes, I know it's a little slow.  Constructive criticism is welcome.This chapter, and the next, are set-up for the rest of the story.  It takes place in a quasi-Victorian fantasy world, where magic, politics and human nature are seamlessly intertwined.