Mortal Coil - Story 2

Joshua Davids

This next one features an unusual character I think, Richard Young he was once a grand knight who for a long time fought against the demons of the world having to do things he would never do if he had a choice, but to battle evil sometimes you had to do things you despised. In time it wore him down and he had to fight a new demon, his own soul. He fell into the bottle and had to get dragged out of it the hard way, and what he doesn’t know is why is behind his rebirth as a knight once again and why. It leaves a question unasked and unanswered in the story who send the mercenaries into the village and why. I work a while to get this one good, I still think I got work to do but overall it is a finished story, hope you all like it.

The Arsenal: Possession - Part II

Jake Diebolt

The Raven has lost his free will, and the demon has gained control. After a string of grisly crimes, The Raven has a plan to turn the tables on the demon...and show him what possession really means.

The Arsenal: Possession

Jake Diebolt

The Raven has long struggled against the demon infesting his soul. Now the demon is sending him nightmares and hallucinations. It seems only two choices remain: futile resistance, or death. This story is meant to provide some background and development to the character the Raven.

Black Magic

Frank Berendsen

The wise girl Mephala, who already lives for thousands of years, is asked to do a spy mission for the prince at a guild of Black Mages. It's rumoured that they do terrible things to people...

Possession 01.htm

Courtney Reger

This is another story I had to write for a class. I wanted to do something different in terms of possession and I think it turned out pretty good.


Linda Lindqvist

Finally, the third installment in Time for a Change. I actually merged three stories together in this one. Yes, you can tell at the end that something bad is going to happen. Poor Megan.

Dream a Demon

Brittany Zayas

A weird little bit of a story I wrote a year or two ago. I'm not sure if it was meant to be the beginning of an actual longer story or what. I'm not sure if I'll ever continue it (I'm not sure what else should happen), but it does end without an explanation so maybe there should be more.... I'm not sure how I thought of it or why. It's mostly completely random.


LindaMarie Straw

This is the closest thing to a truly horrific poem I've ever written. It's really weird and fractal.

The Plain Princess- Prologue: The Amulet of Charmia

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

A couple thousand years before the main story starts....a powerful soceress goes down into a catacomb to face off against an evil demon set on destroying the world, and her with it.

The Heretic Wars Part IV: Apostasy

Jake Diebolt

Nihill, having discovered Desh Nikal's betrayal, has led his people in a brutal and ultimately futile campaign against Koyan and the Lord of Blood. Now, with Disphalia surrounded by enemy forces, it seems the Heretic nation will at last be destroyed...

By Daemons be Driven

richard laws

A story I wrote a little under a year ago and then forgot about. It does need some tidying up, but it is a little bit of fun.  An unusual love triangle forms in the ruins of an ancient temple.

Possession 02.htm

Courtney Reger

The second part to Possession, since I couldn't fit it on one page without it being extremely long. I was happy with much of the ending, or at least the idea behind it, though I'm not sure about the actual writing.

A Private War

Cheryl Scott

I'm sharing some really old things here.  This one is based on a real event, fictionalized of course.  Wrote it back in the 90s.  I was still looking for my own style. 

Cassandra - Little Doll

Janelle Highland

This was written back in 2001. Be gentle? LOL

Flame I Surely Am

Peter a.k.a Dauphin

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Andrew Casey

A war has begun behind the scenes. Who can be trusted?


Jeff Karlson

Everyone's gotta write a xenocide story. It's part of life :)


Jen OCarroll

Ok so not so much a story, more a sort of conciousness... this was written for a roleplay I was doing with my dear Friend Robbie.. The idea was that the characters had located one of their old friends journals.... difficult though it was to descipher, and partially in annother language some passages could be read.. it's cryptic, but that's half the point. The person Web talks about needing to protect is his son, though the child himself is unaware of this fact.


Linda Lindqvist

Second installment of 'Time For a Change' (of course, this one didn't need any censoring :}) Oooo... the plot thickens (as it's going to desperately need to do, and quickly). I'm going to eventually draw Nikita, but only when I figger out what he looks like :)-

mirror mirror...(Amaranths tale part three)

James Wagner

A short flash of insight, both for the character, (as a teenager now) and the reader.