Beyond Ragnarok

Daniel Lix

The year is 2072, after most of mankind has been wiped out by nuclear war. The world's a barren wasteland, where it's a struggle just to survive. These tales follow the exploits of Drake, a lone gunfighter, as he makes his living in the desert wastes.

Beyond Ragnarok (P3)

Daniel Lix

Yet a further continuation in the crusade of the gunfighter, Drake. He'd met up with Sten Ivories, a mercenary like himself, and asked for assistance. Now they must do battle with soldiers of unknown origin and influence.

Guardians - Prologue

Patrick Hall

Picture a post apocalyptic world in which instead of the Mad Max idea, we have reverted back to the old ways of strength of sword, and magic. (This is an edited version of the story, following the excellent advice of a fellow writer.)

The Angelmaker and the False Sky

Emmeline Wen Li

Distopia in Rhenn, a city under a false sky. My very first real original fic. Might be the beginning of a series--I don't know . . . There's a longer story behind this somewhere.

Last Man

Che Joseph Monro

 What would you do if you were the last man on Earth...?

Beyond Ragnarok (P2)

Daniel Lix

Drake, a gunfighter in a post nuclear world, has accepted a mission to locate a farmer named Richard Hill, who'd been abducted by one of the local crime families living in New York. In times of trouble, we turn to our friends. Drake's no exception.

Genesis Vault: at Center City

Ashley Wynn

Weapons of Mass Destruction have reduced the world as we know it to a barren wasteland. America's largest cities stand empty, except for the long-rotted corpses of the citizens that died there, infected by genetically altered plague strains. Other cities were ground zero for nuclear warheads. Domesticated animal populations were also wiped out; others became wild or feral. Always, there are survivors. Nearly a generation and a half after the Apocalypse, life in the US has degerated to a new weird and wild western world. Influenced by the many post-apocalyptic, speculative fiction, and alternative history stories I've picked up and read over the years. From Audolus Huxley and Stephen Vincent Benet to William Gibson and Stephen King. Also some Bret Harte, Louis L'Amor, and the Deadlands collectible card game. And of course the ever-popular Fallout series. This intro probably doesn't make sense to anyone other than myself. I am basing my NaNoWriMo novel on this story.

Little Queen of Spades and the Suicide King

Ashley Wynn

Another little post-apocalyptic something. Most definately inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Even before Katrina, I'd had the idea that large portions of the world that were below sea level would one day be below the sea if something BIG and destructive happened. I fantasized about the New Madrid fault and the Mississippi River running backwards when I was a teenager. I also had become interested in syncretism in religions and voodoo and hoodoo and rootwork... I like to research fun stuff like real-life magic. I brushed lightly over Santeria, and bought a St. Peter votive... This thing's been sitting untouched for a while. I did a read through to make sure it applies to the Elfwood rules and changed a little thing here or there - 'Amish' to 'Menonite', etc. It's a clearly unfinished portion of a larger piece. Maybe it could have made itself into a novel if I'd kept at it? Maybe my muse will bite me on the... er... This originated as my NaNoWriMo novel for 2006. I made it to about 10,000 words and then had to go back to whatever it was that I was doing in real life. I haven't written anything much since then, except for the occasional blog, naturey nonfiction, and reports for work. I have no motivation and no quiet time. Soon... I hope. I also used lots of footnotes. Mostly for the mods benefit, but I just couldn't help myself once I got started. It was like explaining something to the spellchecker.

Jet 2099

Tracey Hill

A story set in an post apoclytic future where Jet and her race of 'mutants' are hunted and killed by humans... I like the idea, it was inspired by many sci fi programs and i really want to continue with this story but hate my writting style so probily wont do anymore.

Genesis Vault: at Center City (part 2)

Ashley Wynn

Updated 12-08-05 Well, I have been writing. Not nearly as much as I'd like, but I have been putting out a minimal effort. More of my post-apocalyptic adventure. This piece is a bit long, and fairly unorganized. As always there are some formatting issues, and hopefully they'll get fixed soon.

A (Brief) Bedtime Story

Tom Anspach

A giant plant that wants to be a god.

The Very Last Lights

Mai Zhang

In which humanity has fallen pretty far.

Sundown - Part 1

Leah Kresl

A story that began from one of my dreams. Me and my crazy dreams...

The Burning Lady

Michael Jones

A short story about post-apocolyptic America! Enjoy!This story was inspired by the song The City Sleeps In Flames by Scary Kids Scaring Kids!