Words of a Dream - Chapter Two

Martha Cundiff

The saga of Anavielcia continues.

Symaira: Chapter Three

Sarah Kerr

Dyian comes up with a new plan for Luca, and makes a new enemy in Diego

The Gipsy from Catalan

Alexandru Moisi

This short story is meant to sound like a myth about an old witch from Catalan. The main character is in love with a girl he can never have so he askes the witch to help him with a potion. She gives him a list of all the plants she needs and sends him off to find them.

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 1

Emma Moel

Wow, so this story is going to have chapters then? Interesting... I have a lot of it done already, so updates won't take very long... Beautiful Amrit works at a Flight center as potion-maker. Xiang, looking for thrill, decides to Fly for a day. But when a simple mistake puts his life in danger, both receive more than they bargained for: an adventure that will change their lives.

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 3

Emma Moel

Oh my, what now? PS: The last thing Seth says is quoted from 'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare... Ooo, you wanna keep reading now, don't ya?

Raven, part 7

Karen aka Amethyst

Need I really continue to give a description?! Meh.

The Lovers Quest Ch 3

Vicci Higginbottom

David meets with an old friend to try and find a way to help Carol. Special thanks to Henrik Larsson for the idea he gave me in the last comment. And a very special thanks to Krzystof and Joost, this is their characters' first apperance. Enjoy ;) (Also to me a 200 year old elf looks like a 20 year old human. A 360 year old elf looks like a 36 year old human)

Werethings Laugh out Loud

Désirée Dippenaar

Exam stress, hurricanes, and being stuck in school - no one is very happy. But with an overactive, overimaginative werecat, some Instant Tear Powder and a huge heartshaped box of Gobstoppers, the day may just be saved - or will it? 200th Comment Prize for Pippin Ren~ Sorry it's late!!

A Slight Misconception (continued)

Kelly Crawley

Our good DM is actually rather liberal when it comes to allowing us to create new races. He'll let us do quite a bit of what we want to, but one condition is that we have to be able to explain our new race's origin if it is particularly 'different'.


nigel pyne

Flash story set in Edadh where an Angueth Princess is about to get married but isn't all she appears to be

The Rising Darkness.html

Christopher LaForest

All right! Here goes!This is the prologue of a book (or series) I've had in my head since I was fifteen. I just wrote it. I'm tired of saying "I'll do it later on, when I have time" or other such excuses! It's time to WRITE! Keep in mind that, like many of you, I'm just starting out. Please be very critical of my writing. There's too much pandering on this site. If you think it sucks, say so. But tell me why.If you think it's great, please tell me, but again... please tell me why. I want to get better and I hope the community can help me. I'd love to help you, too.If you want me to read your stuff, please leave a comment or send a message. :)ENJOY!!!

Passions Pursuit

Tamra King

Four capanions set out on a journey to win their freedom, but end up finding out more about themselves then they orginaly wished.

Chapter 19: Twice the Healing

Allison Dollar

The nineteenth chapter of this rather interesting novel. I would suggest you go back to the beggining, and read from the top. Not to say that you can't read just this chapter, but parts of it won't make sense. In this chapter... well... read!

50thC Part 3

Ben Ward

The third and final part of the 'first main section' of my story.

Morwen's Cloud

Ashley Hanna

This is alright I guess... Like most of my work, I like the idea, but I'm too lazy to go back and edit it, etc. I don't even read over stuff and look for typos so if you see any.. don't be surprised. ;)

Mercantile Dragons

Erin Luce

Two kids are magically transported to a strange world where they find electric lyres, plain swords, and a mechanical donkey...

Be Careful What You Wish For

Rose Po Campbell

A greedy,imprudent man deals with the unknown. This tidbit is the result of a challenge I gave myself to write a complete story in the fewest words possible. I may end up incorporating this into a larger piece, but I like it as a stand-alone. Flash fantasy, anyone? *wink*

God King


What REALLY happened to King Tut?

A Slight Misconception

Kelly Crawley

...'Elfling?' the DM queries with a raised eyebrow. 'And how do you propose such a person could be created?' Thus came this story, an explanation of how one of my more unique D&D characters, an 'elfling' thief, came into being. (3964 A.L)

Halloween Night

Observing a witch's doings on Halloween Night.9th