The Potter and the Fae

Benjamin Seeberger

A short short story about a craftsman meeting one of the deadly fae of the lake.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The Spirit within Sean Camaradi

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 3

Matthew Harvey

Breaker Academy... the school ontop the mountain cliff, overlooking the sea.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

Sean Camaradi, Lucia Faramein and Alex Guardings... the destined three.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Prologue

Matthew Harvey

A troubled Freshman named Sean Camaradi struggles to live his life in the mysterious town of Breaker's View, Califoria. Between bullies, alienation from his parents, and a three-hundred year old secret that plunges him and his friends into a world of trouble, the prospect of simply living takes on a new meaning...