Facets - Chapter Two

Amy Stewart

I hope the ending does not seemed rushed, I was excited to be finishing it and eager to move on to what comes next. This chapter will hopefully serve to give you more background information on Desana and in particular her homelife as a child. She may seem mildly irrational (or comical?) at times, but believe me, once Desana gets an idea into her head, it's hard to shake. You might get inklings as to what is going to happen to her in the future, but hey, I know the whole story so what can I say?

The Dove Pursues The Griffon

Charles Trowbridge

This is the best of the stright high fantasy that I've ever written. There are alot of artists out there who have drawn Johnny D for me. Perhaps someday I'll get around to building a tour for it (if there is a demand).


Rebecca Gow

This is a short story that arrived spontaneously, was finished within an hour and hasn't been touched since. This kind of short story is usually my best, and I'm always afraid to tamper with it when it's out, for fear of somehow ruining it. Though 'Believing' could use work, I will probably never get around to seriously revising it. The source of this story was a news program about the power of faith - discussing whether or not praying really did help a couple get pregnant and a dying woman recover from cancer. I've always believed (if you'll pardon the pun) that the human mind is more powerful than we truly realize, and got to thinking about what the power of belief could do. Does he make it? I leave the answer up to you.

The Goddess' song

Rosalind Souter

This is a lil' piece of prose I wrote whilst listening to a song(Jenkins 'Adiemus) , it's part of 'The goddess' blessings' and might go up at the second part of the story.

Prayer for My Friends

Mira R. Horsky

I wrote this while I was feeling lonely. Don't worry, it rhymes!


Nicole Abrahamson a.K.a tHe PsYcho PiRAte

an ancient and feared god or demon-creature

The Dragon slayers prayer

Brian Gibbons

He's off on the hunt....

Daddy's Christmas Angel

Kimberly Steele

It's in poem form but I think it might be better in normal story form but I don't know. You guys tell me...Anyways this is something I wrote during the christmas season of 2006. Its in memory of my Grandfather who died during that cold season exactly 15 years ago. Yes its true I wasn't even old enough to have a true memory of him though I'm told he would have called me Paige (thats my middle name, evidently he didn't like Kim...). My sister also tells me that he was the most playfull man she had ever met.. *R.I.P Virgil Carpenter (I hope you're happy and proud of your grandkids :D )

Sun and Sword - Ch. 4

Jeremy Blackwood

This chapter introduces one of my own favorite characters in this story. He is loosely based on a man who was once a friend of mine, and the events that happen to him in this story are based on what I wish for that man I once knew.

Day of Peace

Ben Andrews

A lone knight contemplates his life while praying in a silent Chapel, remembering the love and hate of his life, all the while with a calm heart, safe in the knowledge that today will be different.

To the Goddess

Aus Cushing

A poem written from a cleric to his deity, about how he became her cleric.

I Pray

Sadaf Niaz

This a lyric type poem that kinda came to me. I was watching Dogma... I guess that explains the fallen angel thing. Please read and review. I might revise this and add more verses.


Garon Whited

With your shield, or on it.

Dante's Prayer

Christina Lee

This is just a random poem that I wrote. I, personally find the subject matter very interesting. Please comment!

A prayer

Sarah Hackney

I am a religious person. I'm not sure what mistake I was confessing/aplologizing for in this prayer. I may have had something to do with the affair concerning the 'Love' poem. God's a good man.

Oath to Veraa

Daniel (Lunar Raven)

This is a poem about some kind of mystical evil people (The chaziir from the other poem). A chant/prayer to their goddess


Liam Mackenzie

This is the full version of the prayer used in my book 'Albino'

Time Spent Indoors

Seth Fisher

A piece I wrote a long while back when I was dealing with some friend problems.

The Flower 10 (Prayer)

Brandon Lee

A little prayer before a test to grant us faith

The Aklinnor: Chapter One

D. Francis

This is the first chapter of the book I'm currently trying to write. It's based on the poem I wrote with the same name. The prologue it that poem. It pretty much explains the story. Comments are MUCH appreciated.