The Element Chronicles Book One ~ Mage of Darkness

Pamela Lehmann

The Northern Continent is at war with the Southern. But the Northern Continent didn't start it. The evil southern Imperialists did. The northern Traditionalists are only fighting to protect their world. Their world is governed by Mages. They are the highest, gifted by Magic. And they are the only ones who have free choice of their occupation, regardless of birthrank. All others must choose the job that their birthrank assigns. After a Mage completes their training, they must go on a year-long pilgrimage. A Mage will go on this Journey with a group of seven others; eight Mages, one for each element. But something has happened. Now, one Mage has discovered something that no one, not even the Mage Council, knows. As the Mage shows the others, they realize that only they can gift the world with the knowledge that there ancestors had. The knowledge of who are truly evil in this war.

Do You See What I See?

Pamela Lehmann

Alitzia has been 'gifted' with foresight. But not just any foresight; she can only see pain, suffering, death. But she tries to help people. But by the time they believe her, they are already dead. And then the witchhunter comes. Witchcraft is against the law. And Alitzia sees visions. She must be a witch. And witches are burned. Warning: This story is not recomended for younger readers.

The Shifters ~ Chapter One: The Figure

Pamela Lehmann

A strict caste system governs all aspects of life. You are told what your caste is, what your job is, and even if you will die, at the age of sixteen, by a council. How do they decided? The colour of your hair and eyes. The Council governs all life. There is no other system. But then another comes forth. The Council calls her and her people the Shifters, demons, for their hair and eyes, which shift colour. But this girl brings together a group, one member from each caste. Peasant, slave, worker, noble and outcast, they all join with the demon girl. And why does she bring them together? To free the world from hate and predudice (sp?). And what world is this? Earth.

The Shifters ~ Chapter Two: The Story

Pamela Lehmann

This is chapter two of my story 'The Shifters'

Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 1.2

Jon Midget

Alcon Valley may be a small town, but Martin and Mayor Tom Ghundie are not the only ones there. But Martin is the only elf there.

Chapter V The Council

Catherine Felt

The Queen and the governors of Venya's Kingdom are deliberating what to do with the Purrlin (Cat - Human) slave population. There is fear that the Purrlin may attempt to overthrow the government, but all Rayne is concerned about are the rumors that she will be forced to marry young Lord Fallon.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 2

Vera Scudder

The Elder Guardian arrives in Murientel with her escort.

The Prejudice of Truth and Sorrow

ruth david

 story topic - don't judge me, accept me. 

Chandler's Boy

Sean Daily

Starships meet stunted minds and bigotry meets biotech deep in the heart of Texas.

From a Fairy Tale~Chapter One

Joanna Blaine

What is life after death? Do we truly die or do we just leave this realm? Skylar Drake was killed in a school shooting by her own brother and finds a place that doesn't resemble the heaven her christian parents taught her about.

Monologue #1

Jen OCarroll

I've tried so many times to write down this story... from various different perpectives... gah... this is my favorite version so far. it's still a work in progress and really just an epologue right now... it's not that great but hey, any help would be appreciated.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 4

Vera Scudder

Amanya faces the consequences of being back in the city where her life was ripped apart and Jasalreth helps her battle her demons.

Out of the Shadows, Prologue

Vera Scudder

This is the sequel to Elder Guardian. Since I've had complaints about the length of my work, I'll post each chapter seperately to make it easier to read

The Shifters ~ Chapter Four: Leaving and Love

Pamela Lehmann

This is the fourth chapter of my story 'The Shifters'. For anyone who has been following the story, it's starting to get much more interesting, especially between Rince and Ari...

That Which Is Different

E. Greene

Rhian is the most detailed, complex, thought-out fantasy world that I have stories set in. It has a long, complicated, and often bloody history. This particular story, set about midway through the Chaos Era (a rather early one when you take the entire timeline into account), is about a seemingly harmless event that could be considered foreshadowing for one of the darkest periods in that history.

Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 1.1

Jon Midget

Have you ever wondered why people name elves 'Xinthi'a Farusto'li Liam?' I have. My elf, the main character of this novel, is named Martin. And he doesn't have magic oozing out of his fingers. He has abandonment/anger issues. And a jerk for an elected representative. Enjoy. Note: this was updated April, 2007. The only significant change is the name of the mayor.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 1

Vera Scudder

Telshander Silvermoon calls the Free Alliance to Murientel to meet with Amanya to work out a lasting peace between the Guardians and the civilized lands.

The Shifters ~ Chapter Three: The Safehouse

Pamela Lehmann

This is the third chapter of my story 'The Shifters'.

From A Fairy Tale~Chapter Three

Joanna Blaine

There is beauty in faith, but faith must be earned. Before faith, there must be leverage to hold another's soul.

Something Walks -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. In this poem... well, I'll let it tell the story.