The Siren

Emma Kathryn

A siren just doing her thing and luring men into you do... Inspired by the Jessica Galbreth painting of the same name. She's such a fantastic artist. I did a whole load of poems based on her art for the poetry competition she runs. Seriously I think I did about 7 pieces for that one competition!

Adontis- chapter2

Cameron Brandsberg

Um second chapter, as you would expect. Not sure I like this, but I'm working it out, please give my comments and suggestions.

Crawling in the Dark -- Chapter 1

j. calzada

Was listening to the song of the same title by the band, Hoobastank. The music is too loud for my taste but the lyrics inspired me to write this. It's pretty dark. The title should suggest that. I'm not sure with the category. It's scifi but I classified it under mystic. I don't know. Just tell me what you think.

Thanna's Story

Cameron Brandsberg

Um, I wrote this for a U.S. History/ Economics/ Governmant/ Liturature class. I do not remember whether it was ever graded, but I did finish it. Yay!

Craving Perfection

Mo Demich

You never appreciate what you have until you've lost it. 1 page. Finished.

Mermaid Queen

Tisha' Angel' Watson

Another poem written on the spur of the moment. (I need to quit doing that)-_-

Angelus Te Nocte: Mortus Venates.

Magdalena Dreyer

The tale of an Earth-bound Angel and his encounter with a young homeless girl.

Gifted: 2 - Answers

Mairead NiDiobhlain

In this chapter Chris gets one step closer to discovering what he is and where his place is but Ita, his sister, is still very much in the dark. Also, another piece enters the puzzle in the form of a girl Chris believed to be dead. Enjoy :)

Poem - Dance by the light of the moon

Rebecca Brown

A poem about a mortal woman singing to her distrusting lover, calling him to come dance with her under the moon with the elves.

The Dragon's Gem - Chapter 4

Nicole Bermingham

Chapter four of 'THE DRAGON'S GEM'

Arcane Story, Ch. 1

Justine T. Phillips

Chapter One, or story one of a series of stories ranging from Fluff, to war, to humor, to drama. This one blows the traditional Knight in shining armor tale out of proportion, and plays around with the roles of the princess, knight and dragon. My sad attempt at something humorous. ^^

Olympian Home

Sarah Manley

The story of a woman and her encounter with the immortal beings of another world. The news they reveal to her will changer whole life and the way the world works.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 11

Beibei Du

The Dowager Empress of Falan comes for a visit.


Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A story of a sci-fi character.

Misadventures Four: Silence

Pamela Lehmann

Back to Iliva again! She has not seen Tulomon in three months, but she still loves him, and she is starting to achieve a catatonic state... Please note, this story is darker than the other three. But still rated around G.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 3

Beibei Du

The Empress and Beri go to the Summer Palace

Special Dust

Kayla Summer

Imena represents my friend Emily. I represent Amara. The Raptor is Emily's evil pit bull Bubba, and the entire story was based off of notes, which had come from the boredomness of school. Enjoy the memories Emily and I shared at the beginning of Eighth Grade. (this was writen by both Emily and me so give her credit too!)

Crawling in the Dark -- Chapter 3

j. calzada

Third chapter. Yeah, I know. I'm just good at pointing out the obvious.

Pretty Thinkers are Dangerous

Kevin Hosein

The weirdest poem I have ever wrote.

The Leagend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 10

rory braconnier

Chapter 10