A Lily Amongst Thorns

Mary Bailey

Working title but I'm not real happy with it. Story is complete. One of my fangy friends finds the love of his life.


Christina Lovse

A little girl wanders into a forest filled with monsters. Can she overcome them and find her way home again? --This story is similar to 'Another Blackout' though a bit more gruesome. Don't read it if you can't handle some blood.


Tansy H. Pye

I enjoyed playing around with hunter prey roles in this one. Inspired by a long rainy drive home, I started to notice I was following the same car, it made me wonder who they could be, where they could be going and I thought of this little twisted tale:)

Moonlit Night

Danielle Weber

Another of my short poems.

Hum, hum, goes the drum ...

Esther Wetzel

This is the poem I wrote to guide my tour through nice cave paintings of Elfwood: 'Back to the Roots: Into the Caves of the Woods!' (The picture is one of my own.) Update: I put the verses is a better order!

The Hunter

Jeffrey Casey

Playing with a new style, a vampire hunter meets his prey

Shadow's Prey - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

I was feeling kind of sad one day. So I decided to write a rhyming poem. I liked how it turned out amazingly...

Mistress of Night

Stephanie Maynard

Sorta a poem prequel/intro to a story/novel I'm working on. Maybe I'll put it up. Comments are wonderfully appreciated

The Knight of Leander: An Ancient Foe

Scott Schmidt

The first part of An Ancient Foe - The Knight of Leander is ambushed by a pack of Gnolls, but why? Who hopes to gain from such an attack? Only time will tell.

Syrus: Hunter & Prey

Daniel Peak

Three years have passed for Syrus and Zeara, and In order to survive the frozen wilderness Syrus must find a sanctuary to defeat the onset of another harsh winter.

Nature's Beauty

Tamara Thiersmann

Don't be lulled by the title too much...I won two diffent awards for this story...a third and a first place in two different writing contests.

Murder of the Beast

Tina Andersen

A little thing on the title, first off. It's *not* supposed to read as murdering of the beast. It's the beast that murders something else; get it? Good. Now, on a little side note, this was translated from Danish like the Hero's Lot, but unlike the Hero's Lot, it actually sounds better in the original version. It's one of my very first poems, one which I hold very dear, and 'A Mourning Song' remains my favourite to this day (again, the Danish version). So please, be kind to my baby... :)

Hidden chapter 1

Rachel Hart

Cordelia has been fleeing for months, and she finally snaps, causing herself to be captured. She finds herself in a type of a haven for mutants, however, not in a type of jail she would be in if her initial pursuers had caught her. The mutants want- need- her help, and she decides to stay with them for a while, just because it is a safehouse from her other predators. However, her other pursuers will stop at nothing to find her, not even harming her new allies...


Matthias-erich Born

a dragon hunts its' prey

The cat and the bird - The hunt and the prey

Sebastian Meusel

12.02.99: Ok, Part 2 of the De`rian Story. Be sure you´ve read Part 1 ;o) Both were written in the last 6 days 'exclusiveliy' for elfwood, so enjoy.

Necrosis of the Mind

Kyle Jenks

A small sample of writing in which I tried for the more dramatic and over the top style of a detective novel.

Wolf: Chapter 1

Eefje Savelkoul

Well, forgive me for the unoriginal title, but I believe that a story really shouldn't be named until it's finished, and this story is far from that. I hope you like it.


daniel baumann

the hunter, and the prey, but which is which, and who is who... it was a exercise in use of sense...

Falcon's Flight

Maggie Wang

Originally a one-shot short story written for class, I am considering turning this tale into a longer novella.

One Less

Kaitlin Jones

I'm on a vampire kick. This is a poem about a vampire who enjoys using her supernatural supremecy on a certain victim