Brian Mac Kay

a poem of demonic torment on the emotional level

The Way Things Work

Lydia Fleming

Forgive me all of you male readers out there... *grins*

Broken Wings

Robyn Petrik

This poem was inspired by my friend Sandra's drawing, titled 'Angel'. As she was drawing it, I was writing this poem, which was really cool.

The men who died because of pride

David Beaver

The short story I can remember writing, it tells the tale of two merchants in the frozen north seeking a rare material...the icalsy crystal. If they can find enough of it they can retire rich men, but the north is a dangerous place. Many trials await, but their true downfall comes from within themselves.

My Sisters’ Sorrows (poem)

Eliza Hemington

A recently completed poem in iambic quadrameter. Critiques would be greatly appreciated. I am currently debating the addition of a few stanzas as well as overall expansion. (A 2004 piece)

Chapter 5: Hallways and Crossways

Henrik Lerdahl

Our reluctant protagonist finally ventures forth to undo the damage he has done. And not only must he through daunting acts of combat and action, but he has a rather unexpected ally as well...

Dwarven Lords(Poem)

Matti Spets

A short poem about a group of noble dwarves on a campaign.

Tale of Brang Stonearm

Matti Spets

A story of a warrior reaching for glory not found in this world. Not really my usual style, but it came out OK. I'd really wish to receive some feedback on this one.

Pride of a Kingdom - A Preface

Adam Raney

A Preface to my 'Pride of a Kingdom' series, background on the Hykonen Kingdom.

Battle Standard

Sara Rupp-Moody

I wrote this for school when we were supposed to do an essay on what our first and last name meant. But my teacher didn't like that it was a story, so, I got a C. *grumbles* -_-

Pride of a Kingdom - Part One

Adam Raney

The decisive battle of the Udinar Rebellion, can our hero, Rashmalam, stop the assault against Hykar?

Pride's First Hunt 003

Crystal Meth

It is recomended to read Pride and First Hunt before this one, it doesn't matter the order those two are read in. This is the third of, hopefully, many more with the griffon and firebrat together! This one sets the mood...

An Argument of Moral

Bethany Ward

Everild and Robin have an argument about Edae, in all his drag wonderfulness.

The Pride - Chapter 1 - Nico

Rachel Holts

A jock, a stoner, a wannabe clothes designer, a cheerleader, and a goth. Five different teenagers, five increadably different lives. But things and people aren't always what they seem. A new music group pops up out of nowhere, calling themselves The Pride. They all wear costumes that hide every feature about themselves and call each other by stage names. What does this have to do with anything? It have everything to do with things.

Return to the Pride

P. Andrey

Well, orginally I was not planning to do a sequel to Part of the Pride, but all the comments that I got made me think that maybe I should do a sequel. One person in perticular wanted one. She is a dear friend of mine and I started the sequel as a birthday present for her. Thank you so much Bree. Well, here it is. After much pondering and thinking, I finally came up with a good plot. Well, about halfway through, I delete half of July because I did not like where it was going. I was 'dead in the water' for a couple weeks when it hit me on where to take it. I finished the story in three days. Well, I have talked enough so here is the story. I hope that you enjoy it. As usual, if you see any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks for your support everyone, Enjoy.

Remember the Peregrin

Anne Vea

This is a sci fi story that just fell into my head while i was working one evening. It is a little sad, and i was influenced about a novel i read about an old 2 ww battleship and its sad fate and i started thinking about the superstition of the ancient sea farers and the beliefs that might occur when and if we ever conquer space. I hope you will enjoy this tale of the life and death of a proud ship.

Pride of the Father - Prologue

Debra Turpin

This is the beginning of my Deljin Norre works. Pride of the Father will be the first book. This Prologue may end up being redone, as it's probably better suited to the second book. I don't like writing prologues, so let me know what you think!

Elven Folklore Part 8

J Taylor

Having to leave his family earlier than expected, Alín must leave his son in the care of another family. How will the child cope with the absence of his only family member? And what challenges await the father, who now leads the large group away?

The Encounter

Sascha Frank

I always thought that (high) elves were bound to behave snobbish - and then I thought of making a story about this. Usually, those stories that I create from some kind of abstract idea don't turn out too well though, so give me some feedback! And yes, there will be more stories featuring Tristan and Sil as soon as I get the time to write them...

Zrethak's Wedding Chapter 1

Dara Williamson

In my fantasy city of Mreshth, orcs are accepted as part of society (they'd better be, they established the city!); but an inter-racial marriage among the higher classes is very rare. However, one night at Festival, a child is concieved, and due to VERY old-fashioned magical bindings of family and land, the heir must be brought into the fold, no matter what. Now Zrethak is forced to marry a human man she'd thought a one-night fling. The marriage is arranged, the line of inheritence secured- now, if the new bride and groom can just keep from killing each other . . . This is the first chapter, but as soon as I get more done, you'll see just how antagonistic they can get.