The Princess and the Dragon

Kent Cordray

This is a short story which we wrote in eighth grade and reedited in ninth. We think it is sun but is not at all serious. It is mostly just some silly fun and hopefully you will enjoy it. Gilia is primarilly responsible for this one.

Forest Dragoness, Chapter 2

Frederick Delles

Continuation of Chapter 1 of my novel.

Baby Advice

Jessica McCollam

A story inspired by one of Becky Gerdel's pictures.

Appendix B: The Provinces

Emilie Finn

A brief sketch of the founding of Lauralia and the history of the different provinces thereof.

At the Dawn of Midnight: Chapter 1

Emily Ratka

Aaaaand... we're back! Sorry for the removal of the first three chapters. I had something that came up which required me to remove them for a little while. They're back now. ^.^ Feel free to beat me over the head.

Plague of Honor: Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Alexander Woods

This is the start of a book that will take me many, many years to complete, so if you like it I am sorry, you will be waiting for quite a while. The story seems quite self inclusive in the sense the it does not really need to be continued, but, in actuality, the story following this will be epically more exciting. I was hesitant to publish this at first, but after my “heartwater teaser” got rejected (understandably), I needed a second story. Here it is, hope you enjoy, and, as always, comments, suggestions, and criticisms are warmly accepted. It was too long so I had to split it.

Heart Song - Chapter 2 - Introductions

Jamie Fuller

Can a warrior and a princess come together to save their dying world?

The Sleeping Castle

Jessie Fleischfresser

My own take on 'Sleeping Beauty.' Sick of waiting for your prince to come? Might be time to take matters into your own hands.

Words of a Dream - Chapter Two

Martha Cundiff

The saga of Anavielcia continues.

Words of a Dream - Chapter One

Martha Cundiff

A frustrated elven princess, her cursed brother, a scheeming noble, a dreadful prophecy. Sound like the making of a fantasy story to you?

The Prophecy of Cadyze: Chapter 3

Catherine Brodie

And it's chapter 3!! Here we meet my favourite character Karissa. xD I'm a bit evil to her.. =/

Dreaming of You

Dustin LaBrasseur

A little poem about my gypsy princess. :)

Vampire Story: Introduction/Background

Ellen Jurik

This is something that's kindof half been floating around my head for a while. I see it as a strong contrast to the Circle books which I am trying to write concurrently, like from different parts of my brain. Lighter tone, though it may not seem it in the beginning! Oh well. I think I explain most of it in the actual thing. Enjoy!

The Mermaids' Comb

Kirstin Bell

This is a moral fairytale about vanity, and the dangers of being vain or trying to become beautiful through the wrong means. It is very child orientated, but can be enjoyed by all. Storyline- princess jealous of sisters beauty, steals something from mermaid to make her more beaiutiful.

The Kindred Prince

Heathyr Smith

A poem inspired by, of all things, my husband! :)

A Small Exchange

Renee Landkamer

A short blip of palace life. Quiet typical of Alaric and Kendra


A. Boee

Well... This was also something I started writing for school, only it was originally a film-script. It's written by a five-point recipe our teacher gave us; 1) Describe the setting of the scene (no characters). 2) Describe one character who does obviously not fit in with the settings (no dialog). 3) Describe another character who obviously does fit in with the settings. Have the first character do something unquestionably friendly to the second character (no dialog). 4) Have the second character do something unquestionably unfriendly to the first character (still no dialog). 5) Do whatever you think necessary to make the first character the winner in the audience's eyes. The story doesn't completely match the script, but I'm not too displeased with it.

Gone Chapter 1

Erica X. Aumand

Well i have always been like a little princess in my own little world so i wanted to write about one.


Sarah Barnhart

a poem in a werid time in my life

Rose (prolog)

Caroline Nash

This is a rewrite of the 'Sleeping Beauty' tale. I have started over and over many times and here I go once again..please tell me what you think...more chapters depend on your comments.