The Idiot Boy

A.R. George

Behold! My 400th Comment Prize for the goodly Ms. Chaos, who has an unfathomable liking for Schiri: a -second- look into my pet Dark Elf's thoroughly nasty mind! (The first is in Chapter 8 of 'Soulfire Seeking', for those who don't know, or those who'd like to avoid it after reading this.) This scene is fairly self-contained (I hope!), but I'll give you a rough background - it's set at the beginning of my second book, 'Soulfire Summoning', and depicts a scene from the book that is actually shown from -Nuan's- perspective. I just thought I'd give Schiri the floor for this one. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. He really is pretty nasty, isn't he? Anyway ... here it is! Hope you like it, Erin! :D (Oh, and a couple of translations ... 'felivrin' is Dark Elven for 'damned/accursed', and 'Aylgrir' is the Northern name for Schiri, meaning - astonishingly enough - 'Grey-eyes'!)

The Frown of Night Ch 2

B. Landon Hurley

This is the next chapter in my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife.

Brethren - chapter 2

Neomi Geva

The second chapter in it the four begin to formulate a plan and Diana meets the imprisoned prince. This is the last chapter I will post here. If anyone is interested in reading the rest just e-mail me at

Untouched Heart- Chapter 3

Lauren Remus

Rikorr was born in prison lived there his whole life without ever seeing anything outside. Then one day something terrible happens, and to avoid death he is plunged into a world he's never even seen before that is torn apart by civil war. He is sold into slavery, falls in love, and discovers his part in the events to come are bigger than anyone could have imagined... Not sure if I'll post the whole thing, depends on how well it does.

Infinite Generosity

Simi *Muffin Queen*

Piece by piece, the world is replaced with machinery... Written because I was in class, and there were birds outside. Something seemed out of place to me.

A Hero's Fire: Prologue

Shannon Sconce

A once peaceful planet ruled by an evil spiritual force, a slave race wants their freedom and there is only one way to take back the planet that was rightfully follow one man on his quest to become one with a secret flame that burns within his very soul and gives him the power to fight the darkness! (Very sci-fi :-))

A Prison of Self-Deprivation

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

I wrote the first section to try and explain how I felt when depressed, either that everything was my fault, nothing was in my control, or just plain helpless. My councellor suggested I continue it after I showed that to her, and try to resolve it. After working on it, I felt a lot better about myself, and had one of my few real stories.

Darc King - 1

Edge Brookes

Kahlia meets the warrior and leaves the warden's prison for the desert

Inky Prison

Silvannen Gerrard

Just something that wrote itself in my imagination after watching Inkheart. It's very similar is some ways. I hope you like it!

Chained - Prequel Part 3

Katherine Spammer' Law

And now the third part to the Prequel of Chained. :.^^.: I've been working on these (the second and now third parts) over the last few nights mainly, having gone through a phase where I knew exactly what I wanted it to be ... strange, but good! This was actually just going to be part of the second prequel piece, but it turned out to be too long in my opinion, so I fleshed it out a little more and came up with the third part. Enjoy! *UPDATE* Just redid the html in it and the others in the Chained 'series' so that it looks neater.

Chained - Prequel Part 2

Katherine Spammer' Law

The second part to the prequel to Chained. Again, sorry it took so long for the update to come, but uni's been really involved, and it was hard to write this part ... What you see here is the result of my hating how the original version of this part worked. It wasn't anywhere near as impersonal as the first part of the prequel, and strange as it may seem, that's what I was aiming for. So here it is, the re-done and spread out (into the third part to the prequel) second part of the prequel to Chained. *UPDATE* Just redid the html in it and the others in the Chained 'series' so that it looks neater.

RA 1

Michelle Schad

Testing.. testing ... One of my many beginnings that has yet to see an end. The charries have been pulled from several places. We'll just see where this one goes. ^.^


Ingrid Atkinson

Aithne Lye is in prison, but he doesn't seem to mind . . . Part of the Children stories for The Perfect Gamble.

The Lion's Den

Matthew. Burgess

this is the next part of the 'of wolves and warriors tale, recently though a friend and I have started writing it together, so most of the credit should really go to her but behold, here it is :

Thief of Color or, The Lost and the Damned

Dean Alpha

I wrote this for a contest whose theme was 'What if the world were black and white'. Perhaps I took it too literally. Who knows. Hope you enjoy.

Pains of Fire~~Ch. 7

F. Schultz

It's been so long since I've had the chance to get up a story. I forget what's going on :( Well, read and enjoy!

The Third Chronicle of Lawrence Craine (Part 2)

Jym Greenfield

the next part of Lawrence Craine. Lots of exciting stuff.

Arthallin Majeste - Part 9

Jason Romein

This may well be the last segment of the story to be put up on Elfwood. If I ever hope to get it published, I can't well put up the entire thing, can I? Sorry about it being so short, but it wraps things up nicely for an 'Act 1', if you will.

Pyre 2

Layton Aho

Kaiyro has been sent away into the caves where he meets certain individuals...

Artist (Part 3)

Kiota Bandal

Part three is up! Yay! Please comment, or else...............