Tim: Part 2, Escape

Matthew Herbert

Tim has been turned into a frog. What's he going to do?

Ember Chapter 2

Allyson Cowan

I am truly beginning to like this story...please, I love input and editing suggestions!

The redeemer

Anne Vea

This story was inspired by a song, 'Undead son' by the finnish metal band Tarot from their last album ' suffer our pleasures' If you like true metal it's a must. The essence of this story is that a hero is someone who does what he has to do no matter if he is scared and confused. It turned out to be a rather dark and ' gothic' story. Perhaps even too dark in a way, but it almost wrote itself. Just as with the story ' Between fire and ice' it is a little linked to the novels i am writing on. Enjoy!

The Phoenix Arrow: Prologue

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.


Jen OCarroll

A short poem inspired by the story of the ice queen. Make of it what you will.

The Idiot Boy

A.R. George

Behold! My 400th Comment Prize for the goodly Ms. Chaos, who has an unfathomable liking for Schiri: a -second- look into my pet Dark Elf's thoroughly nasty mind! (The first is in Chapter 8 of 'Soulfire Seeking', for those who don't know, or those who'd like to avoid it after reading this.) This scene is fairly self-contained (I hope!), but I'll give you a rough background - it's set at the beginning of my second book, 'Soulfire Summoning', and depicts a scene from the book that is actually shown from -Nuan's- perspective. I just thought I'd give Schiri the floor for this one. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. He really is pretty nasty, isn't he? Anyway ... here it is! Hope you like it, Erin! :D (Oh, and a couple of translations ... 'felivrin' is Dark Elven for 'damned/accursed', and 'Aylgrir' is the Northern name for Schiri, meaning - astonishingly enough - 'Grey-eyes'!)

A Trillion Nodes for Emily, and She Wanted to be Me

Sarah Barton

A mysterious red-headed woman walks down a long corridor of frozen coffins, as a helpless prisoner of war watches, paralyzed, from within.

The Plain Princess- Chapter One: Poaching in the Forest

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

The first chapter of my story The Plain Princess. We are introduced to our heroes as they meet in the forest during a rather sticky situation.

Untouched Heart- Chapter 3

Lauren Remus

Rikorr was born in prison lived there his whole life without ever seeing anything outside. Then one day something terrible happens, and to avoid death he is plunged into a world he's never even seen before that is torn apart by civil war. He is sold into slavery, falls in love, and discovers his part in the events to come are bigger than anyone could have imagined... Not sure if I'll post the whole thing, depends on how well it does.

When Blackest Night


Writing this for a little kid. It is a little dark and some of the vocabulary is advanced for younger ages, but she loves to read and learn new words. Would appreciate feedback and critique on how this reads for adults and kids alike!! Ch. 1 later.


Elizabeth Dehn

Not Finished! revolutionaries, romance, and extraordinarily large and beautiful hats. Who could ask for more?

Night's Garden

Rianna MacMillan

This is an exerpt (sp?) from a story I was going to write once upon a time, and that I may continue if I ever finish the one I wish to work on now. I like this little thing very much, and I think it stands on its own, but, then again, I also know the entire story. What do you think?

The Phoenix Arrow: Chapter One

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.


Jessica Zimdars

A prisoner finds a friend in a rather unlikely place

Shinara; The Capture

J Taylor

The capture of a changling named Shinara. Vastly improved from the original. 'The Collar' the second part of this received 3rd place at Elftown in the Fable Contest.


Kaushik Narasimhan

The prisoner is revived on board the elven cruiser.

Helwhithian Dreams~ Prologue

N.*Aissatan* Nic

In all of Kae'Llor, there is only one thing absolutely immortal. The Hewlhithian army--never once defeated, never once brought down--it uses the two most dangerous weapons, never controlled so well by any other. People, and their emotions. Helswhith scours the land, leaving nothing alive in their path, to search for Talents, ones born with the power of Aljera. To be born with the talent is considered to be born with a curse, as those who are never escape the clutches of the Army Immortal. Their fears and hopes used against them, they are entrapped for all time. But, can something so unpredictable and misunderstood as the human mind truly be controlled forever? For something so varied, can the Army truly grasp each strand of thought of their prisoners? Up until this point they have, but can it really go on immortally?

Shadow-Dancing, Part 7: Imprisonment

Rachel Armstrong

At long last, the flashbacks end and the plot resumes!I apologize for the heavy, heavy exposition here, especially when it comes to vampires. As I've said in some of my comments to part 6, I'm writing this story inside-out and trying to compensate with generous use of the exposition stick.

A Wizard's Guide 9-13 (2001)

Sarah Bellian

More of the same...


Christine Crites

This was a quickie descriptive sketch that I did a while back, but I still like it ^.^ I'm thinking about finishing it (it was originally going to be a quite lengthy sci-fi action piece with assasins, intergalactic war, etc. but I never got around to it...life got in the way :(