Haley Blum

This story also had its origins in my art. I stopped drawing it because it took too long, but it's a shame to leave it when I like the characters so much so I decided to write it instead.

A Night's Conquer - Four

Carly Silverton

Just go read, people...pweeeeassszzze.

A Night's Conquer

Carly Silverton

Just go read, people...pweeeeassszzze.

Metos 3

Jasmine Greene

Temilah has to take the throne, what happens when she does (incomplete)

A Night's Conquer - Three

Carly Silverton

Just as always, this stroy is better read then summarized. by now you should have an idea of the story, so just go read it. Leave a comment too please.

Silver's Story: Liena and Silver

Katie Hallahan

Another piece of Silver's Story, this one is in the first person and from the point of view of Liena, Silver's mother. I got the idea from a Creative Writing class, and I really like how it came out. The setting is reunion of mother and daughter 20 years after Silver's silent banishment from her home village. Can Liena take her daughter back...?

A Night's Conquer - Two

Carly Silverton

Same as before, promise to be my usual and getting more into the romance.

Kydance: The Focus (1)

Matthew Walker

The first in a series of stories I'm writing, about a world I invented. The main characters are the descendants of a single person with a genetic mutation. They carry double copies of the gene, which enables a person to use more of their brain. This makes them /very/ bright, which has caused some unrest in the local galactic area...

Fading Shadows

Kerri Richmond

Stell, a vampire, finds something extraordinary, and is caught in a dilemma.

Dragon in Distress

Matthew Frantz

I wanted to write an amusing poem just for elfwood. I thought I'd look at the dragon's perspective.

The Coven: Act I

Annika Nilsen

The first part of a series I'm writing. In this first part we meet two witches who's in a bit of a jam at the moment and are trying to figure out how to solve the situation. Comments and above all critisism are very much welcome.

Irid-esc-ent Darkn-ess

Kevin Hosein

I was watching 'Jeremy', a Pearl Jam music video and I wrote this. I like this one. I think it says if you really love something, set it free.

Playing with Gods - Part 2

Frida Dahlin

This is how Jolays jurney contieues. I finally got it done! I hope you enjoy it!