The Weight of the World on My Shoulders

Kat McGrath

Well, I've been playing around with a few characters for a bit and I ended up throwing them all into one big jumble of a story. Basic plot : group of strangers must save the world from a mad-man. *nods* Good sterotype. *nods again*

'Epic Tale' chapter 1

Caitlin Lander

First chapter of my 'Epic Tale' (working title, if you couldn't tell). This one actually shows you who the characters are on a basic level... *NOTE* any time you come across something in brackets (as in or such), it denotes that I haven't come up with a word for that object, or have edited something for uploading purposes

Invincible Empire: Visions from the Past

Marijke Mahieu

This is my own IE project story. If you are interested in participating in this project then follow the link or read up about it on the Elfwood Bulletin Board. As stated on Bryan's bio page and on the messageboards, I have Bryan's full permission to use the settings and characters of Nearly Invincible and Invincible Empire.For those of you who aren't familiar with the background for this story: Invincibles are a special type of warriors. They fight with weapons that are called 'shaknas'. There used to be an old Invicible order, but this has been replaced by a fierce and ruthless Invincible Army, led by Grandmaster Yakira. This story gives insight in the past of the former Invincibles and shows how the new world order is set up. Since it goes back into time so much the jump in tenses and the shifting PoV's are delibarate. A story about pain and more ways than I wish to explain...

The Wolf part 2

Claire Braves

The second part in the wolf. Lin enters Hunter's mind to get information about the killer.

Project: Esper - Notes, Read this First before Reading the Story

Erik Healy

This gives you a bit of Background on Project: Esper

Aftermath - Project 7

K. Snell

My submission for Project 7, coordinated by James K. Bowers (for more info visit his Wyvern's page: The challenge was to write a story based off a 'seed' written by Jim. The part in italics is the seed; everything else is my own work. I'm pretty pleased with this, though the page limit, while understandable, was a bit stifling, and I think there's lots of room for expansion. I'd welcome any ideas here. And those who have visited my library before might recognize a similar theme as in one of my other stories...;-)

Near Invincible: Strength

Klair Scattergood

Those of you who have been privileged to read the stories of Bryan Jay Ibeas, may be familiar with the Near Invincible/Invincible Empire Project, of which I can proudly say that I am a member. For those who do not yet know what the Invincibles are, I strongly suggest you take a look at Bryan's bio and stories, where you will find a better explanation than I could give, and links to other Elfwood members who have made contributions. This is the first of several contributions from me to the 'Near Invincible' section. It is the story of Draxen, a character who made a brief appearance in Near Invincible: Autumn, the third part of a four-part story and, along with Leine, is one of the few Invincibles to hang up his Shakna. I have Bryan's full permission to use the characters and settings from his Invincible world.

VIRUS project - Chapter 1

A. Virtue

VIRUS takes place in this solar system, far in the future. A possible future reality of sorts, centering around one particular scientific advancement.

Matron Attack Part One

Ross Erdmann

A story that I wrote about four years ago. I might redo it to fix some gramatical errors. I've been told it's good

Project: Esper - Chapter 1

Erik Healy

The First Chapter in the Story, Its a bit short.

The Legion Project

Brian Armitage

Those of you who have read my selections from New Avalon will recognize the Legion character; however, this is not the same girl that you've come to know and love. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Legion v. 1.0. The original, from modern times, years before New Avalon. I've recently gone back and basically rewritten this story. The improvment, I think, was dramatic. Let me know.

The Legend of the White Hart (NEW POEM)

Tansy H. Pye

James Bowers in his infinite wisdow has set up a little writers circle this was the first project he set. The project was to write a poem using the words Aim Boon Decy and Wise. This was what I came up with.

'Epic Tale' chapter 2

Caitlin Lander

Torran gets his assignment, much to his dismay. This chapter will make a lot of things make more sense, I hope... *NOTE* any time you come across something in brackets (as in or such), it denotes that I haven't come up with a word for that object, or have edited something for uploading purposes

Don't Ride the Trains at Night

Stephanie Schauer

This story was wriiten for the Herscher Project'Urban Legends'. It is about an urban legend from where I live in Australia. This one had me afraid of trains for quite awhile though this version has been carried on into the fantasy realm (of course).

A Nocturne of Lost Prayers

Seung Park

This piece started out as a character description for Telteran Gray, a character in Chonji. It was originally intended as an entry for the Verge Olympiad, but as I decided to stop participating, I feel safe in posting it here.

An Occasional Poem upon the Tenth Anniversary of the Elfwood Project

Ashley Wynn

Other than the self-explanatory title, this was a submission for a Bifrost Project. I also wanna say 'Thank You All!' to Thomas and all of you mods and other folks behind the scenes. I've been here all ten years, even if I was only looking and commenting for a couple of years, instead of contributing. Even if I never get to make a monetary contribution to this project, hopefully, someone will read my Will & Last Requests. It tells everyone to send Elfwood donations instead of senselessly murdering flowers and other plants. ;D

The Abominable Skzrunch

Eliza Hemington

This was a short assignment I had to do for French class. Don't tell my teachers, but I usually write them up in English first x_x Anyways, it was an oral, so think of me presenting this to my teacher, and also it was required to have 'skzrunch' in it, so I'm not completely insane... (A 2003 piece)

Project S-001, I

Danielle Sanderson

In the distant future, mankind has destroyed the world's surface and is forced to live underwater in huge bubble-cities. They are forced to rely on trade with the merpeople to stay alive; they also have to adhere to the merpeople's laws, and need to stay on their good side if they are to be allowed to hunt in the merpeople's territories. Scientists have been conducting experiments for nearly ten years to find a way for humans to breathe underwater.