The Serpent's Coil - Prologue

Mike Theodorsson

This is the lament of the black sorcerer, and also the prologue to my story 'The Serpent's Coil'.

NightFire ~Prologue

Alyssa Green

Cal Jacobs has been a vampire for nearly two centuries. Traveling abroad in Europe, he decides on a whim to visit the remnants of his old town. To his surprise, much of it still remains as it once was... Buried beneath the roots of an old, yet familiar oak tree, Cal unearths a box he buried years ago. Within it lies his journal. Somehow it has survived time to tell the story he has tried so hard to forget. Disturbed and moved by his own words, Cal writes down the events, accompanied by excerpts from the journal, that led to his immortality. FootNote: Sorry this prologue is so short guys. I'll try to get the first chapter up soon!

Daughter of Tamoria - Prologue (OLD)

Annie Jessan

Okay, after reading all your comments, I have made a few changes, and here is the result. Hope your happy with it, because I sure am. NEW: This story has officialy been downgraded to the OLD status, meaning, it is no longer an official part of the novel.

A Dragon's Story-The Prologue

Alon Rand

This is the prologue of my as-yet-and-possibly-always unfinished novel, A Dragon's Story It introduces the main character, and sets the stage for the first chapter, also posted. This is my primary writing venture, the one to which I am most likely to return when I get one of my infrequent urges to write. Its also the one I'm most likely to finish someday, at which point I'll no doubt have to go back and rewrite most of it, because I suspect if I were to reread alot of this now with a critical eye, I would find it rather lacking. There's also a full-color version of the illustration available for your viewing pleasure in my sci-fi and fantasy gallery.

Angel's Lullaby

Amanda Faulkner

Angel's are things that don't exist, right? I mean, if they wanted to be seen, they would be, wouldn't they? Here's a poem to such fantasy

As The Crow Flies: Prologue

Amy Messina

And so it begins, the story of a land called 'Salubre'.

The Gypsy Rashyda (Pro.)

Jessie Hoesing

The first piece of the story(name's at top and at the bottom). Might be puzzling but that's because it's supposed to be. It'll make sense later as I start to write more (if I do, comments will really say whether I'll write more or not...) Anyways, hope you like it, I know the story idea I got for the rest of it is interesting but I wanna know if people will actually wanna read it... just a Prologue.


Lizzy fae' Bey

The prologue to the story Heartfelt History...

Crystal of the Elements: Prologue

Katherine Logan

This is a fantasy epic I began in 1999. I will try to post it in chapters so it doesn't get too long. This is the prologue. You don't have to read it, but it may clarify later events in the story.

The Legend of Blade: The Birth - Prologue

Josh Boo' Walls

This is my first original novel/book/story/whatever you wanna call it. I wrote it to go along with my pictures, well actually I drew Blade and Gala and the other people and creatures from here as an inspirational thing. So this is what started it all. I hope you enjoy it. I'll put it up here in chapters in at a time if someone asks me to do so. Enjoy. PLEASE COMMENT!

Avatar: Prologue

Nicholas Yancey

The prologue to my upcoming (slowly, but surely)novel. More written to give insight into the minds of the characters as opposed to setting. A glimpse into their past and a very beginning to the present. Poignant and elusive.

Sight and Song: Prologue

Miriam Plachta

This is my second (and much-changed) draft of the introduction to the Hakka thread of Sight and Song. I've slimmed it WAY down, and am concerned that the segments I've stuck together don't really flow. These snapshots are currently the prologue simply because they happen 6 years before everything else (except the last scene) which may not be the best reason. Please let me know what you think, be brutally honest, and feel free to make suggestions.

'Sodaka' Chapter 0: Preliminary

Kristin Willoughby

The beginning of it all. Enjoy! FYI, this is going to be a LONG story, but if you can stick with it, I'd greatly appreciate, and hopefully you will too. =)Please comment. Tell me something I do well, something I need to improve, and something I need to stop doing, or if this story holds your interest at all thus far. Thanks!

Silver Riders

Anna Pedersen

Just the prologue.. :)

Prologue To The Chaos To Come

Sebastian Schrodt

The beginning of Marta and how things are as they are in The Chaos To Come

Prologue: The Elfkin

Shannon Jones

A little intro to The Elfkin story. Explains the world the story takes place in.

HearingHeart SeeingSoul ~ Prologue

Michelle Andersen

I've had this plot running around in my head, for quite a few years now... I've started out the story a few times, but have never been satisfied with any of the resulting beginnings. So after taking a break (a long 5 year break) i finally sat down and tried to start it again... I'm still not sure i'm happy with how it came out, but i think it's the best thus far... So i decided to post this prologue here. It's all i've got written out so far, but like i said i have the basic plot floating around somewhere in my mess of a brain. And i will probably start work on the first chapter soon. Lemmie know what you think! :i)

The Chapter of the First

Caitlin Kelce

Who knew the legend of King Arthur and Merlin was true. I could never concieve that I would be wrapped into this new chapter in this ancient tale, but now I am responsible for everything, everything that Merlin would be.

Chapter 0: Prologue

KY Soong

Yeah, it's longer than I thought for a prologue chapter. Oh well...Author's Note:An equipod is a reptilian-looking creature that acts as the horses of Aganezzar. They basically are quadrupedal, have soft scales, have two hooves for each feet, a beaked mouth and a short tail.They're also larger than an average horse too...

Prologue, for once upon a time

Sadie Satturley

 Just a small prolgue, a beginning of an idea that I'm unsure on continuing fully. So not sure what the story is to entail as of yet, but I have a few ideas.