Prophecy 2

Jennifer Collins

The Journal Of Adar The Prophet

Christopher Anthony

A little add-on to the book I'm trying to write. This is the journal of a prophet named Adar, who prophesized the return of the gods.

Prophecy Story: The Second Bit

Erin Luce

In this second installment of the story (no title yet!), the children are forced to endure their separate punishments. We meet some new characters, including Gorrid the butcher, the mysterious Evie, and the falconer Sir Edwin. And let's not forget the precious animals who make their appearances: a small insect, some hawks, a cockroach, and a dead pig.

Prophecy Story: The Third Bit

Erin Luce

If you've read my other stories, then you have probably discovered that portraying evil characters is one of my weaknesses. Take Jolanda, for example: she may seem evil, but deep down, she really does have a loving heart. Even Cow-cow, my evil-est character yet, pretends to be good for a while. So when I was faced with writing about this truly evil person, I could not see how I could write a Bad Guy without making them seem too comical or painfully overdone. Eventually, I did come up with a solution – but as I reread it, it seems like a stupid idea. Anyway, I would love to hear your opinion on this matter, or really, any other matter concerning this story, because any comments are good!

The Prophetic Quest, Chapter 3

Ewan J. Smith

This is the third installment of 'The Prophetic Quest'. Keep watching because the story really gets interesting from here on in. Also, the magics that they'll learn I will base on skills I myself am learning.

Amulet of Zareth- Part 2

Lauren Manglitz

Break in the action, to learn more about the characters and what the story is about. Please leave comments or suggestions!!!

The Prophecy of Cadyze: Chapter 3

Catherine Brodie

And it's chapter 3!! Here we meet my favourite character Karissa. xD I'm a bit evil to her.. =/

Saga of the Torchbearers, Part 1

Brendan Conway

This is the beginnings of a story idea i had. It's just the start, and I will be adding a part 2 later. For now, I'll see how you like this one.

Prophetic purpose

Glenn G. Foley

My first amateur creation, a dark, simple poem about a fairy-tale creature waiting for his destiny

Nisréaval's Song

Louise Boucher

Another curiosity from The Citadel. This is a traditional song which some believe Nisréaval once sang. It shows her dual character, saviour and destroyer, which the Dragonians seem to have forgotten. If you want to know how to pronounce the Dragonian then please read the pronounciation guide that is included with the prologue to The Citadel. Some of the English translation is not all that accurate but I have written it in terms thatmake sense in English rather than just translate the Dragonian exatly - which would not make good poetry. I'm reviewing the language at the moment and eventually I will update the translation but I don't expect things to change too much. The references to death in the poem do not quite mean death as we would understand it, Nisréaval is never going to die but she can bring about the end of things that are parts of her. Likewise she was never really born but she can cause birth or create things. Her bith and death are a kind of arrival and departure in a certain place at a certain time as determined by her. It's all based on quantum and different perceptions of reality, very simply Nisréaval exists only once in thw whole quantum universe and is able to cross between different realities. This song, and my stories, are only about her association with Midgard and the Dragonians though. What she gets up to in her own time is far too complicated for me to describe!

A Terror of Dreams

Elise Cannon

Aluetra's past is catching up with her and the demons of the hells she has run from since the day she took her first breath have found her last place to hide, her mind. Slowly as they ebb within her she can feel the tearing of her soul as the demons threaten to drag her back to her destiny. To her death.

Emryss: Epilogue

Alix Fowler

The Red Sun order its Scarlet Knights are the major force on the isle of Leihalcyone. Though they were once mercenaries, hired to help the islanders stave off the Armies from the mainland in exchange for land, they took Leihalcyone into its golden age, and ushered in a time of peace. Only one thing mars the Utopia, the presence of the Renegades, and the Vontulva. Defectors of the Red Sun Order, who threaten to bring war to Leihalcyone once more...

Waking Dreams: Chapter Eight

Holly Becker

And Driel and Vahie get to save the two old ladies from a burning building... almost. End of Part One.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Thirteen

Holly Becker

And Amaurea returns. Vahie is also delighted to learn something about the Order's library.

The Awakening: The First of the Guardian Legends - Chapters 3 & 4

John Ingebrigtsen

Chapters 3 and 4 of The Awakening. A major plot boost and twist at the same time, and a little dose of magic as well. Here's where it gets good...

Death and Prophecy

Kori De-Ann

I'm very big on titles, and I don't care for this title at all, but I had no thoughts on what else to name it. This is another tid-bit from Carana-Thai, a World that exists in stories here and there but for the most part only in my mind. Hope you enjoy.

Mother's Oath - Prologue

Kay Tabin

This is the prologue of Mother's Oath. Read it if you want to know more!

The prophecy of the Key

Jean Boree

This was written for a rp story plot that I'm some what working on for my rp channel along with a friend of mine. I've never tried my hand at prophecys but um heres my first real try.. what do you think? :O)

The Prophecy

Kathryn Aliwoode

A litle poem to while away the hours

Soul's Mark

Christine Randolph

An assassin takes a job that ultimately changes the course of her life.