Jennifer Berry (A shadow of the night)

I wrote this for the project, ran by James K Bowers. He provided the first part of the story (In itallics), and the rest is mine. I have his permission to display this here.

Prophesy of Torahn

Niki Ruffin

This is the prolouge to my unwritten story which doesn't have a name as of yet... enjoy, it's really short!

Stillness Broken - A Collection of Prophetic Verse

Frances Gibbs

These are a series of verses I wrote at various times throughout last year and this year. In truth they were replies to issues and experiments of style, but I decided to wham them all together to create the greatest prophesy of the darkest time... well, actually no. That is still to come. *grins wickedly* ha ha. well, I apologise for how it seems so broken up... try to read them as separate verses - most of them, atleast - rather than one continuous poem... *sigh* oh well. Enjoy...

(01) Whispers in the Dark - Beginnings

Meghan Engele

In this Prologue, you will be introduced to a secretive world nestled in a large valley.  This world has been in a state of blissful ignorance for ages, but a prophesy threatens to upset the balance and disturb the peace.  At this point, you won't be introduced to the female heroine, as she has some growing up to do.

'Stepsister' Part 1: Adria

Rose Po Campbell

Chapters 1 through 5. An introduction is made to our heroine.

Hero Birth

James Hebda

A time of chaos. A hero is needed. This is the first chapter of a novel I will some day write... ya right...

A Song for the Fallen Angels, Prologue

Jon Midget

I've started this story dozens of times, and nothing has really moved the story along. This is the latest beginning, and although I think there's too much info-dumping (even in dialogue—YIKES!), I do like it. I especially like Seraph and Delaran, thought I'm not sure if Delaran comes accross as strongly yet (nor if he could, considering his personality). Anyway, here's the prologue—even though prologues generally aren't really my kind of thing. It's set in Aldora.

The Prophesy Ch4

Malis Vitterfolk

Well here is the 4th chapter and I think I am having fun with this story. Still don't know what age group this is for. any ideas? Well enjoy-

The Prophesy Ch6

Malis Vitterfolk

Wow I have written six chapters. Well here we have a chapter devoted to revenge of sorts. Please leave comments.

'The Prophesy of the Innocent One' part 1

Betsy Johnson

something I trance wrote... I'm not totaly sure what it means

The Shadowed

Benjamin McSwain

A vague prophesy recovered from the ruins of an ancient keep... (I wrote this for the writing portfolio that I submitted to the Denver School of the Arts. It had been bouncing around my head for awhile...)

Shadow Spinner- Chapter 1

Miss Tubbs

This is the typical story about an elfin princess falling in love with a human. It's got a few twists to it though. I started it toward the end of seventh grade, and, frankly, it lacked all origionality. I kinda spiced it up a little... hope ya like it!!

The Prophesy Ch7

Malis Vitterfolk

Chapter 7- introducing a new character. She is going to become important fast. This story is going to be getting interesting. Ah well more will be comming soon.

Silver's Prophesy

Leah Merrill

This is a prophesy that comes into play in my story Silver Guardian

2 - Blood Lust (6-8)

Redajo Keeney

I know it's kinda...boring... at first... but I was trying to make it seem like your everyday, average, depressed teenager... Like I was. :D Who's life drastically changes. And I leave a lot of things open for interpertation. Like the guys isn't described to exact details because I was wanting the reader to make up their perfect guy. So... hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think.

Serevyn's Plaint

C. Seidel

This is a poem about seriously star-crossed lovers. There's a storyline in there somewhere... NEW/EDITED And now there really is a storyline. I redid this, hoping to make it a little clearer, and ended up with an epic. So, yeah... And yes, I will be reworking the actual story and adding to it as I continue my editing of already written pieces.

The Prophesy Ch5

Malis Vitterfolk

Chapter 5 is here and there are still more to be uploaded. I think this is the most interesting. Well I hope you enjoy it.

A Wizard's Guide 5-6 (2001)

Sarah Bellian

Things begin to get interesting. Douglas meets some pirates.

Sorrow - short poem

Frances Gibbs

A short piece of poetry I wrote while gazing up at the waning moon.


Frances Gibbs

I like these 'beware the end is nigh' kind of dark prophesies, dont I? Heheh.