Echoes of Pain

Marco Kuis

A man with a gift, a power he never wanted, that slowly drives him mad.

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapters XXII & XXIII

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapter XXX

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapter VI

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Prophecy and bizarre weather; Powerful Magic and secrets revealed; corrupt lords and - yes, that is right - death. I hope you enjoy & all comments are welcome.


Brian Buckley

One of my earlier attempts at a free-form poem. Sort of a new thing for me.

Ethereal - Verse One

Brandon Halcomb

This is the replacement for Silenced Nightfall. This series is intended to be quite a few episodes shorter and I'm actually having fun writing it. Well, I hope you enjoy it. Others should be on the way soon.

Worlds of Death Part 1

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

A prophet has to prevent her own prophecy.

The Key to the City - Chapter 5

Amanda Roberts

John Moreigh questions his brother, Nicolas's beliefs that William is truly the chosen. He takes responsibility for Elle being dragged into the mess and vows to protect her as long as she is in his custody.

The Key to the City - Chapter 1

Amanda Roberts

In the aftermath of a great catastrophe, two opposing factions are seeking to gain control of that which would fulfill an ancient prophecy.

Angel Cross - Answers

Lisa Karsai

Chapter four of the onslaught! Time to try and answer a few of your nagging questions I think... A bit of a shorter chapter this time, I hope to fatten it out at some later date.. Tell me it answer's at least a few questions... please?


Lauren Harden

A story I wrote for a contest. I missed the deadline to enter it, but I like it. Mother-daughter love, and all that sappy stuff.

Mother Prophet

Sarah Elder

This is the second part of Mother Prophet, in which we meet Brendol, the assassin hired to kill Dea, Sora, a priestess of the Temple of Meladan, and Heldred, a creature of evil.

Green Land 07: The Long Road

Richard Lorenz

While waiting for the rest of my family to show up, the management of Blue Pines fell upon my shoulders. I find that my daughter's heart has been stolen away. My wife was attacked by ghosts. And my son has spoiled like everything else in this cursed land. We flee south and east as far as we can, fleeing the source of desecration, only to be turned north again. Unwillingly.

The Heretic Wars Part IV: Apostasy

Jake Diebolt

Nihill, having discovered Desh Nikal's betrayal, has led his people in a brutal and ultimately futile campaign against Koyan and the Lord of Blood. Now, with Disphalia surrounded by enemy forces, it seems the Heretic nation will at last be destroyed...

Magae Chronicles part 1, The Prophet

Julie Golick

My first story set in a high fantasy world called Magae. Also my first third-person piece on Elfwood. I'm looking for comments on whether I should continue with it.

Realm of the World: Chapter 03

Armina Saxton

The Realm of the World. A place where a being of grace lives and controls the World from her home. Where life takes it's source from and the Elements thrive. And, yet, a haze descends upon the Realm and only those brave enough to fight will see a new day. Chapter Three

The Key to the City - Chapter 3

Amanda Roberts

After her parents were killed in the great earthquake, Elle Lindburgh joins the relief teams where she runs into an arrogant young man named William. She doesn't realize what that meeting will draw her into.

Deceiver, part one

Andreia DiĆ³nis

The first part of a small storie

Dragonsong - Chapter 1

Jay Morris

Chapter 1 of the 'Dragonsong' epic poem. I chose a female main character because I felt like experimenting. Or maybe I was female in another life...

The Key to the City - Chapter 4

Amanda Roberts

Elle and William are abducted by the dissident Moreigh brothers and taken underground while the Vionelle Knights start searching for the chosen, following Gilbert's lead.