Powers that Divide Chapter 8

Suzanne Collins

Della receives a disturbing request, and a confrontation with Tobin leaves her shaken.

Seregaur - Chapter 1

Mackenzie Halbert

Voila! Chapter one.

A Modest Proposal

Anna Arwen' Eash

Aricin asks Seremidal to marry him (yeah, when they're together again 50 years after Efion's death). And... she's a meany-poopoo without meaning to be. She doesn't realize he'll take her seriously when she rejects him. And he gets upset. Butchya. Anywho. You get the picture.


Stephanie Covington

What happens when you take the typical (cliche) story about a girl captured by a dragon who has to be rescued by the handsome prince -- and give it one humongous twist? This was what I came up with .....

Powers that Divide Chapter 12

Suzanne Collins

Grendian and Della make plans, and their relationship takes a new turn.

The Proposal

Lindsey Butler

The title says it all really.