The Princesses's Elf

Lynn Taylor

The Princess Athella who had been made to choose a husband. The choices her father has made have been unexceptable to her. So looking out over the parapets of the chastle she admires a man and her father hears. This was where the Elf Geeohm Valesmen"s trouble begins.


Kate Frizzell

Wrote it during school... I think. I can't remember. But its short and sweet. But theres nothing in it for me to eat. *shrugs* oh well, I'm not hungry anyways. I like the idea of this story. Anyways, ignore me, read the story.

Her Love

Jessica Price

When all else fails, she protects.

Protecting Her Young

Rachel Lawlor

A set of three haiku. A gold dragon must protect her babies from a silver dragon who's come to devour them. I don't mention that bit in the haiku, but now I'm thinking about adding it in.

Council Fighters

Kat McGrath

I had to start something interesting for a class my senior year. This is what came of it...and maybe more will be coming too...

Maiden's Choice

Rochelle Watts

This is for Dan Shevock for his comments, sorry your poem is so long in coming. I noticed your dog in your bio photo is named Zorya, so this is a poem about that Slavic myth. I picked the Morning Star to write about. Its a little Valkyrie in tone, with a bit of rhyme to echo your nice musical style. The line in the middle is according to Wikipedia how a prayer to a goddess of horses and battle started.

Observations-The Hunt

Lindsay Lockhart

The first installment of a small brainchild of mine called 'Observations.' For now, I'm focusing on one person's observations of the aftermath of a large event. Some are happy, some are sad. I think I may do some regarding observations on people and perhaps an entire group's thoughts all cluttered together.

Dragon Dreams

Sharon Staggers

A Dragon rescue.

The man who could not be mad.

Jenny Allgood

When the homeless die on the streets, people wonder if they could have helped and if the dead are mad for not being helped in a time of need.

The Procelain Clown

Kat McGrath

Okay, this is from a dream I had. I don't like clowns, they scare me.


Nike aka LadyMin

OK, this is a big project of mine. Falcon's Castle is a High Fantasy book I'm writing. I've got more than a hundred pages by now... no, don't fear, there is not as much here. *grins* This is just the prologue. With the ongoing story, you'll understand who these two kids are - or were... Hope you enjoy. I'll update from time to time. All characters, events, names and ideas in this story are copyright to me - PLEASE do not steal this, I am planning for publishing this.

The Sheltered Valley (Poem)

Chris Ootjers

yup. a short little poem.

Chapter 14, Shadowy explanations pt 1

Melissa O´Dowd

um, more backstory and the setting of new plot lines (yeah I think I finally know where this is going)

Song of the Dawn Watch -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. This song will be in one of my short stories, written for it. If I get around to finishing it, that is. Also from my 'universe' of minotaur people, clan Arluun.

Angel Light

Ryan Silver' M. Curtiss

This is another based off of one of my friends.... such as 'Fallen Angel', 'Dark Angel', and 'Tortured Angel' are.

The Stones of Protection - Prologue

Robyn Strong

The last members of a decades-old resistance plan to attack and kill the king they have been attempting to undermine for years. The plan seems flawless, but when the rebels are betrayed by one of their own, things take a turn for the worst...

Society for the Protection of Dragons

Philip Skipper

This was one of my old sig files back at Uni. I used to wonder whether the knights of old were really doing a public service!

Afraid of the Dark

Joanna Piancastelli

Before Odelia fell in love and got married she was calculating and self-reliant. With a husband and five children she's not on her own any more: she has other people to look after her, and who need looking after. It would all be safer if her husband wasn't the influential mayor of an important city, although him being a Ranger and the kids inheriting his excellent sight and vision can help somewhat ;) Andy is Mirrie's cha racter. The names are working names and subject to change at any time, especially 'Angel'. C&C much appreciated!

A Forest Battle

Eric Gilley

This is just something I put together in one night. It occurs 40 years before the start of Elfblood, and I hope all you out there enjoy it.

Chapter 10, In the Royal Court, part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Hmm, this may be pushed back to a later chapter, just had to write it...