Starbuks Story

Cally Steussy

If you want to know why I call it that . . . well, I wrote this for a friend; here's the piccie she drew . . . Coffee . . .

The Dove Pursues The Griffon

Charles Trowbridge

This is the best of the stright high fantasy that I've ever written. There are alot of artists out there who have drawn Johnny D for me. Perhaps someday I'll get around to building a tour for it (if there is a demand).

Tales 2e

James Wyatt

Chapters 14-17 of Gallium.

Book 2: Chapter 1

L. Davids

Tweaked a bit from the original.

Pyro-Chapter 2

Alon Rand

Second chapter in this story. I'll write more when the urge takes me.

Tales 1a: Rubidium

James Wyatt

Rubidium is the first episode of the epic series Tales From The Border World. Sontier is a desolate planet on the edge of the universe, low on supplies, high on xenophobia and hatred of Psionics, those who can change the world with their thoughts. In the middle of this hostile wilderness, a young man has woken in the town of Tranter with no memory and no possessions. His journey across the face of the planet will change forever not only Sontier but the universe itself.

Tales 1e

James Wyatt

Chapters 13-16 of Rubidium

Pyro-Chapter 1

Alon Rand

This started out as a submission to get into a writing course back in college, and sort of took on a life of its own. When I have unlimited free time (hah!) I'll go back to it and write more in it.

Book 2: Chapter 2

L. Davids

Michaela begins her mission to find Corin and begin luring him to his ultimate destruction. (Unfinished)

Santa vs the FBI

Richard Starfield

Ho. The spirit of Christmas is willing, but the flesh is weak. Ho. Santa Claus is coming to town. Ho. You'd better watch out... Ho.

The Assassins Caretaker

Steve Melka

A follow up to Truth of the for the final one coming soon!

Tales 2d

James Wyatt

Chapters 11-13 of Gallium

Book 2: Chapter 3

L. Davids

Springing the trap.

Cerulean Wings

Sara Baxa

Hope drives humankind to lift their wings to a new world when their own becomes Hell.

The Flower and Gardener that Wait

Sara Baxa

Two lovers struggle in the neuroworld to find each other.

Tales 1c

James Wyatt

Chapters 7-9 of Rubidium

Forged Chapter One

James Gager


Chronicles of Psi I

Mark Sherry

About half a year ago, I started designing an RPG system and a universe to place it in. I've kind of given up on the system but liked some of the ideas of the universe so have decided to write a bunch of stories based around it. The characters of this book are an offshoot of humans who have developed psionic abilities while living in zero gravity. When an FTL drive was developed, a portion of them went off and settled some worlds of their own, making a paradise. This is about 700 years after the worlds were settled and about 1000 after the invention of the FTL drive. I'm also working on the story of how the psionic powers were discovered by the first people.


Robin Graaf

A monologue by a man who wonders about something and has every right to do so.

Prelude: Molly

John Marshall

A short, and rather violent, tale of a psionicaly gifted young womans tragic past.