The Trip

Simon Dushku

...was actually a really weird movie starring Peter Fonda, but since this piece's orginal title, 'Troubles,' was really stupid, I opted for a teensy bit of plagarism.

STARLIGHT'S SHADOW: Awakenings- ch 1

Brian Pennington

This is a continuation of the Andromeda series that began as a Language Arts I assignment.

New Avalon

Brian Armitage

This is the ONE. My baby. The novel I've been 'working on' for the past four years. I figure, if anything, this would be my first big hit. The scene is post-apocalyptic, and psionics, vampirism, dragons, and demons have entered the realm of reality in a big way. For some time, I wrote random scenes from the book as they appeared in my mind. The plot, thankfully, has just fully come together in my head for the first time, and will slowly be making its way to paper... in the right order, as you see it below.

Life Without Ramona- a W.I.P.

Pandora Atkinson

Do dreams weave the future? Meet Ramona,the Dreamweaver. Ramona has lived many past lives. She had been a hunter, a warrior, a wolf, an Elf... She dreams of futures that are not her own... she dreams of the past... (Co-existing with SnowFlake a new Revelation)

The Gift of Sight Chapter One

Scott Houston

Tokyo, Present Day, A Girl With Special Powers. What Kind? Read On...

The Gift of Sight Chapter Three

Scott Houston

Chapter three of 'The Gift of Sight'

Priestess Initiation

Elenna M. Kraft

The initiation of young novices into the priestess caste. Note#1: Set in the world Arondi, the original world in which my novel takes place. Note#2: The German original was an experiment with style and mood. As my friend told me that I'd done a rather nice job of capturing the atmosphere, I wanted to try to translate it into English without 'killing the mood'. What do you think?

Completely Incomplete Chapter II: Strange Starts

Katherine Belt

A young man, an exchange student, a clashing of lies, realities, and life that will never forfeit chaos until the last piece falls into place. The world is turned upside-down when the elements are destroyed, causing all of humanity to lose their human sides of things, reflecting the creatures they truly are. Funny, Suspenseful, and Touching, what other combination could you get when you combine a psychic angel, a cat, a demon, a vampire, and two people who are strangely immune to humanity's curse? This is, Completely Incomplete

Psychic Gambit Part 3

James Tsatsaronis

Had an inspiration and didn't want to waste the oppurtunity. I've got most of the story all worked out apart from the fine detail.

Psychotic: Chapter 1

Caitlin Lander

This is the first chapter or so of the story that spawned "Epic Tale".  I know it needs work, of course, but I was curious to see what other people thought of it, so here it is ^-^ I hadn't read it in a very long time, so I was pleansantly surprised when I read it a little bit ago.  Maybe I can put my two stories back together and have a nice little book...The girl, Psyche, lives in a futuristic world where everything has been industrialized and the sky is obscured by a red haze.  After her 16th birthday, however, she finds that an interesting new abitliy is starting to change everything she has ever known...

Darksome Night

Tara Palmer

Set two years after 'Stardust and Moonshine', Laurel and Co. are back again to do another job for the Council.

Someday Wars, Chapter One: From a Clear Sky

Z N Singer

 Chapter one of the first novel, following the prologue. Someday Wars is actually the name of the epic as a whole, the novel does not yet have a title. My un-official readers group is proving slow to respond, so feedback is extremely welcome, thanks.

A Rescue

Jackie Ozorio

Sometimes my dreams inspire me. I entered this in a competition, which had a limit of 1000 words. So I had to chop it down a LOT. Just letting y'all know it was much more detailed and expansive before I got out the proverbial shears. Oh, and I don't know how I went in the comp. I kind of forgot about it instantly after entering. :S

Phoenix Burning

Amber Cornwell

'They were dark times. There were few who remembered days such as these, Phoenix Sinclair mused absently, and when one ran with the oldest and most dignified of the vampire clans, that statement meant just a little more.'

The TouchKnow

Catrin Pitt

Little short story (well little for me) that turned out completely different to what I expected. But I enjoyed writing all the same. Hope you enjoy reading.

The Unnamer's Ravens

Rachel Kohler

Three students find themselves unlikely heros and find they must destroy the world to save it.

GateSkye (prologue)

Adrian Cooke

The tale of Thaynious, a powerful mage known throughout the lands as the heart of evil itself. But something far, far worse has awoken

21st Century Psychic

Arielle Bennett

The towers have fallen. The world is changed. Humans have changed. Humans will continue to change. It cannot be undone...though there are some that wish it so...

STARLIGHT'S SHADOW: Awakenings-ch2

Brian Pennington

Here's the second chapter of my Starlight's Shadow series.

Unrequited Chapter Seven

Jym Greenfield

Umm...the seventh installment.