The Kitten and the Dragon (Script)

Shara Donohue

Yes! I know! Doesn't that sound like a disgusting title? Well, it's a script for a children's puppet show, what do you want? I apologize, the quality may be a bit sub-par, but I had to edit out some of the gags, they were too sub-culture-specific. Also, this is a fairly old piece 4-6 years, and some of the jokes are (at least by adult standards) REALLY REALY BAD. A few notes: anything presented with an asterisk (*) and underlined is a variable part of the story, dependant on the location and time of the story. And I apologize for any confusion caused byt the narrators being labeled N1 and N2. While I was writing it, I was trying to keep it open for a mixed-cast show. (People AND puppets.) Anyhow, I'm sure there aren't too many scripts in the Library, so even if it's dreadful, at least it's different.

The Marionette Man

Brian D. Landon

A poem I wrote.

the puppet fairy

Christopher Manica

I wouldn't want a fairy for a puppet, certainly not Ragnhild :)

And in Death Chapter 1

Danielle Doerr

This is chapter 1 of my story-read the prologue before you read this!! In this chapter we get a glimpse at our main villain.

the puppeteer

Holly baby' Davidson

this is very weird. i dont know what i was thinking when i wrote this. DONT read this if you have a weak stumack. this is very odd


Victoria Ashton

Poem - written 2004 inspired a picture (can be seen on my gallery-gallery 489..victoria ashton)

Toys - Scene One

Marianne Cassidy

A play. I woke up one morning after a very strange series of dreams, and sat down and worked on the first two scenes of this play for six hours straight, without eating. Needless to say, I felt slightly sick after that. I was also sick of looking at the damn thing. It was supposed to be scary, like the dreams. But by the time I was immersed in MS Word, the essence of what had made those dreams so frightening was almost gone. And until I get a few friends to attack it with their critical eyes, I dare not edit it beyond basic spelling mistakes. And so I give you: TOYS A horribly unedited play.

Dr. Valdemar presents Lydia, Part I

Aurélie Scarborough

A mad scientist's creation decides she wants to explore the world for herself, instead of being a slave to him in his laboratory. Once she arrives in town she meets some interesting characters. This is one of my occasional goofy stories. It has no real point, it's just weird. Also it contains numerous odd references to various things that obsess me, such as Poe and Oscar Wilde, and there are probably some random movie references stuck in there somewhere as well.

Nanette's Sonnet

Haley Hoekstra

A sonnet for another character, Nanette. She is a woman made into a living puppet by the vampire who claimed her.

Corporate Puppet

Kevin Hosein

A bit of dark humour to ease you off.

A Puppet's Tale - Part 1

T. Tyndell

This story was an experiment to see if I could achieve an older time period sort of feel without using dates and lots of detail. Instead, I used speech and mannerism to get it across. I hope I was successful. :) To the moderator that picked this for a Mod's Choice, thank you. :) Quite a shock and a nice, early birthday present!

The Joker

Sephie Boisvert

I used to be afraid of clowns, until I became one. Semi-autobiographical flash fiction, written for my creative writing portfolio.

Dr. Valdemar presents Lydia, Part 2

Aurélie Scarborough

The next installment of 'Lydia'. This is shorter than its predecessor; apologies to those who were really looking forward to it. Anyway, here the continuing adventures of Lydia, Bunbury, Lord Alfred and Dr. Valdemar, and - *gasp!* - the plot thickens! Enjoy.


Jasmine Pang

About my super class wannabe controller-cum-robot-sorceress, whom my friends and I nicknamed 'oil'. Though I hope she hasn't noticed the Seven Deadly Sins yet...

Toys - Scene Two

Marianne Cassidy

The second scene of my bold venture into the world of script-writing. I definitely over did it with the stage directions, but bearing in mind that I also consider myself a director, I think this is understandable. I simply don't trust the actors to know what to do by themselves. I was going to put up the final two scenes but there were two very good reasons not to: a) they were crap and b)the HTMLing process was slowly but surely scrambling my brain (and yes, I did it manually). So enjoy, and I'll post the ending when I'm something resembling happy with it.

Black Queen

Brooke Singler

Nightmarish poem. I'll leave it up to you all for interpertation.

Puppet Girl

Jamie Arenas's a fairly obvious allegory, I think. Not sure about the writing, I know it's fragmented and amateurish, but I hope it partly comes off as the style. ;P I would kill to have someone illustrate it! =3

Waltz... Chapter 1: Dreams

Jessie Hoesing

The beginning of the Waltz of the Marionettes, how it all begins...

Phantom Fingers

Nicole Simoens

A darker poem about a girl who is being possessed by a group of spirits. Inspired by my own way of life, the occurences that have overcome me, and a friend of mine. And yes, i know what you're thinking, and no, I don't.