In A Dream State, Part 4

Elizabeth Avent

Lots of action in this one, kinda short... but I want to build suspence... how'd I do? Yes, highly confusing and alot of stuff going on all at once... but of course... everyting will be explained in the next part.


Amanda Williams

Ummm, this was written about a dream I had, a very disturbing one at that.

Chapter 4 of the Whimsical Story

Raquel Boyce

A non-PC parody in which a bad writer attempts to chronicle his adventures. Disclaimer: please understand that I am playing with stereotypes, exaggerating some and totally reversing others. No hatred for anyone is intended. Thank-you. Besides. Fat people rock my face off.

Cold Child

Elizabeth Moser

The hate between a shinigami and his brother's child

A Brief Overview of the PAW


The Purple Alien World as of yet has no name. I know, it's ridiculous, but until I come up with a name for it, I'll keep referring to it as PAW. Well, here's the history of the PAW; backstory which (I hope) explains Xanthippe's people's reasons for their decision. Like the others, it might be a little inaccurate with the dates, but, who cares?

Purple Boundaries Chapter 2

Jocelyn (Chibi Jester) Burrows

The second chapter of Purple Boundaries. Mara and Celestae set off on their journey together and Mara raises some perplexing questions for Celestae as they head to the vast ocean.

That Which Was Hidden: Chapter 2

Beth Master' Lewis

Matar and Kaitos make their way to the Lair of the Arborea, and Matar gets a rather strange.... umm... lecture? Introduces Kerrin of the Faynar, and her younger sister, Talrah.

There Can Only Be One

Brianne Hughes

critiques more than welcome! A part of an incredibly larger tale... it's far more developped now but I still would like feedback on the rough draft(s)

From a Fairy Tale~Chapter One

Joanna Blaine

What is life after death? Do we truly die or do we just leave this realm? Skylar Drake was killed in a school shooting by her own brother and finds a place that doesn't resemble the heaven her christian parents taught her about.

Prologue: Beginnings

Sarah Wacko' Kerns

This is a prologue to a book I'm attempting to write. I'm currently working on Chapter One, so I'm not sure how well it's going to work out. Oh well, here it goes.

Purple Boundaries Chapter 1

Jocelyn (Chibi Jester) Burrows

The first chapter of Purple boundaries. This is where the story really begins, where the reader gets to follow Celestae as she wanders through the world away from her home, unprepared. In this Chapter is where Celestae meets Mara, a key character...



excerpt that occurs one night after Ian and Xanthippe had begun sharing quarters . . . a conversation between the lovers. (Ed. Note: text in italics represents either emphasis on a spoken word or a character's thoughts.) Before you read this, you might want to read the background stories . . . although (I hope) they're not necessary for enjoyment of this one.

Xanthippe's Story


A short description of Xanthippe's character and motives - more background information. It's incomplete; some standards have not been converted, and the Fel is currently inaccurate; as well as the problem that her planet/race have no name yet. Still, I think the important parts are there.

Spring Dance

Anna Panda' Simmons

This poem is the revised version of an old spring color song I wrote called 'Violet (Faerie)'... the meter is a little funky at the end, but I don't really care.

Violet Sky

Rachel Lawlor

Yet another haiku-format thingy... I do too much of those.This was written as part of an exercise I started at the Elfwood forums to help writers and artists keep their skills sharp and break through blocks. It hasn't caught on yet, but then again, the forums aren't very populated. In any case, you can find that thread and the premise of this exercise here.Since the list has changed since I last rolled, this was written with this image and the word 'dragon' for inspiration. You can probably tell I wasn't being very creative at the moment of writing, given the inspirations, but oh well.

Not Good Enough (Blinded by the Impossibles)

Brianne Hughes

Ah, this was written in a half an hour then fixed up three days later. I actually think its pretty good for such a short time period. I got the idea for this story from Ray Bradbury's 'The Martian Chronicles'. Can you tell?

The Colored Stream

Nicolei Arnold

Something very short, but still throws you into that fantasy world where some of us belong forever.

The Open Hand

Justin 'Merlion Emrys' Williams

“The Open Hand” is the first story I wrote set in what I would eventually call The Universe of the Nine Roads. It’s also the first story featuring Zerieth, who goes on to become the Hierophant of the White Road in the novel I am working on and introduces The Order of the Open Hand. I place it here, after it’s having been rejected from all the best publications, for the delectation of my beloved readers, representing the “High Fantasy” stream of my work.

From A Fairy Tale~Chapter Three

Joanna Blaine

There is beauty in faith, but faith must be earned. Before faith, there must be leverage to hold another's soul.

Crimson Ribbon Falls

Alice Raven

This is a poem written for Che. Sorry i couldn't include everything, mate. It is about a girl who dances on a ship where dancing is the only though in everyone's minds. She has a red ribbon around her wrist, which represents the blood of the world. As long as she dances, the world has joy and happiness, but when she falls, we fall into darkness... See what you think. I like it, since it rhymes, and mine rarely do that ^_^