The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

Secret Land

Emily MacKenzie

A poem i wrote for no particular reason

Appendix B: The Provinces

Emilie Finn

A brief sketch of the founding of Lauralia and the history of the different provinces thereof.

The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.

Journal of Queen Laural

Emilie Finn

This fragment was found by King Hawkins of Lauralia, whose passion for finding and preserving history became widely known, both during and after his reign. He created the position of Royal Chronicler, which he awarded first to his scribe, Young Lord Elron of the Eastern Woods, only two years after his coronation as king.

Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.

A Grave of Comfort

Brittany Dulay

A poem that was orginally part of the story, 'The Silent Tragedy.' It reveals how Rauvinne just wishes she could be put out of her misery by death's loving heart.

The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 2

E. Nadeau

As you can see, she's not quite dead yet.

Blue Enchanted Queen

Edward Tailfeathers

A poem I wrote for my girlfriend and our meeting in the forest...

The Abridged History of Nasantara

HM Hanif

The history of the Nasantaran Empire, prior to the times of Tiera and Rian.

Project Seven: Part I

Ashley Muraszewski

A young boy named Hauk must venture to the new government of the capital city, Trine, and bring it down. Evanescence has wronged many people, and Hauk and friends must release the gods and the floating queen from their sleep.

Gone Chapter 1

Erica X. Aumand

Well i have always been like a little princess in my own little world so i wanted to write about one.

The Queen Stands Alone

Khalilah AllahLee

Marthallia (pronounced Mar-tall-ya) was obsessed with perfection. She demanded it from all in the fae over which she reigned as Sitting Dark Faerie Queen. With all her skills, knowledge, and sense of style, she ruled without empathy and compassion which caused the Council to harshly banish her from the queendom of the fae. Forced to live the rest of her life in the wilderness of the Human World, Marthallia will learn the importance of having these qualities when demanding perfection. She must meet this challenge, learn to live as Human, and endure tough situations without the magic of her faerie powers.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 2

Beibei Du

Beri, who has found herself in the employ of the Empress, learns about her strange employer's history and habits.

Dragon Queen Ch 5

Jayson Kennedy

Chapter 5! We finally get to look into Yarek and see how he feels about all of this nonsense! Poor Yarek. ~EDIT~ I reworked part of this chapter so I could work in what happens to Kymm.

Dragon Queen Ch 7

Jayson Kennedy

Finally, Chapter 7! Yay! I forced myself to pound out this chapter, but I like it. Its short and sweet, with plenty of violence! Hope you enjoy the misadventures of Kymm and Maus!

Tamoren and Seiyarn: Part 1

James Amend

The first of a trilogy of short stories chronicling the mortal life and ascension of the Keeper(s) of Love in the Late Age. Just for reference, the Late Age is the age in which most of my stories take place.

The Power Within (Chapter 6)

Alicia Hansen

The next chapter in my tale . . .

Chapter Three ~ An Enchanter

Joe Thorn

Ara continues her journey and meets a spellweaver.

The Beginning of Everything: Part I

Amber Revels

This story is a tale within a tale. It's about the twins' (in 'Hunted')grandmother and uncle. It also tells a lot of back story. This is the first part.