Searching (poem)

Philip Stadler

One of the first poems I wrote in english for all who ever had the uneasy feeling of desperatly struggling in search for an answer to a question hovering just outside the grasp of ones mind

Threat of a Doubt

Phillip Lavergne

In a society whose function depends upon people willingly submitting themselves to a secret slavery, where the needs of the person are lost in the desires of the society, what happens to those who question the system... to those who doubt?

The Question

Razvan Haiduc

Silver's Story: Liena and Silver

Katie Hallahan

Another piece of Silver's Story, this one is in the first person and from the point of view of Liena, Silver's mother. I got the idea from a Creative Writing class, and I really like how it came out. The setting is reunion of mother and daughter 20 years after Silver's silent banishment from her home village. Can Liena take her daughter back...?

What Troubles I?

Shawn Reed

This is a riddle. The question I pose is- 'Who am I, and who are you?' (more as in 'what' am I, and 'what' are you)... It's also one of my poems that doesn't fit a general prose. Once someone has hit upon the answer, ye shall know.

Questions of Loyalty - One

Adrienne Romani

After a long Leave of Absence following the events of Elite Deception, Leawyn Brock returns to base only to find herself in a huge spot of trouble...

Snippet 1: On Magic

Tom Solomons

I'm back after three years of nothing! Expect more little snippets like this in the future until I get back into the flow of things and can handle more substantial pieces. This was a little excersise in being mildly humorous; please let me know if I succeeded. Comments as always, are very welcome. 06/11/2008

What am I?

Michiel van Lierop

The first one to get the answer right gets a price: a free request.

Question number six - school (a)

Heather Nicholson

A piece of a series,it's about the horrors of kids at Voomount High.

Questions I

Richard 'WolvenBlood' O'Keeffe

Being in Basic Training at the US Army really makes you question your existence. Maybe I'll upload part II someday. It's not as good, though

Truth's Cage (part 4)

Shawn Reed

Welcome to the darkness that stalks inside me.

Vampire Why

Redajo Keeney

'Nother vampire poem... go figure :D

Where Is The Love?

Camille Sabino

Every one os us has asked this question.

Christmas Time

Erin Carter

Just a little poem I wrote wondering about the meanin of the season.

Question Time For Death

Paul C. Turner

I was bored one night and this is what happened due to lack of anything better to do. Creepy.


Laura Biles

I wrote this poem after being told to write about a person describing themself. I wrote it from an elf's point of view, and I like how she doesn't praise herself or put herself down. She's in-between.

Adrelia's Secret

Ket Harker

wrote this for my creative writing class. A short story assignment. could've been ALOT longer but hey i had a deadline. Enjoy!

Reaching in

Andrijana Ignjatovic

Some questions are better left unanswared... This story is based on a picture by Christen.