Silver Guardian Scene 3

Leah Merrill

Here is Jenn and Talon's continued conversation.


Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

This is about what all of us feel (I think) at some point in our lives. When we look around our world, we can't help but wonder why our world is the way it is.

Three Questions

Brian Buckley

This is a sonnet, the first one I've tried that's come out any good. I'm still not completely pleased with it. The rhyme scheme is ABBAABBACDECDE, which is a little jarring for the reader, but it was fun to try something different for a change.

Growing Up

Erin Carter

A poem I wrote when everyone seemed to want me to drop fantasy and write 'normal stuff'. This is my reply.

Foresight: An Interview

Jamie Foley

This is an interview with a character who can see the future and describes what she does with that knowledge.

Dreams: Chapter Two

Christina Stratton

I went back and combined some chapters so that the fantasy starts to show through faster. In this chapter, strange things start to happen and Bryant says something questionable....


Charles Trowbridge

Ok, I love zombies. I will be the first too admit it. I have a giant poster of Kyra Shroon (the little girl from night of the living dead) in my room. They are the perfect villans. In the words of George Remaro 'It is as if to become a vampire you have to be swave and good looking. On the other hands, anyone could be a zombie, all it takes is one bite and your hooked. They are the every man hero.'

Dead for 2 Years

Jamie Fuller

Soldier believed dead and buried returns to his family, bringing with him trouble and dark questions. Where has he been, and how has he come back?


Julian 'Llos' Greene

Well, I think the entire thing is fairly self-explanatory, really. Not much depth in this one (As if there is any in my others)

Chapter 16: The Beginning of the Quest

Allison Dollar

Everyone wants to know who Mya is, especially the people that found her in the woods. (Yeah, I will go back to chapter two and give ya a better description of her... later)


Jill O Connell

okay i have to explain something!contemplation's original name was else and this one is something they were written on the same day and i was in the same mood but slghtly more philosophical in this one.this story heavely relys on Doctor who and immortal rain for insperation beacuse immortality nom matter how promising does and always will be a lonely journey!this character has no features or description (weird for me actually)  and im not sure if i want to continue with it!sorry ):

Questioning Life

Robyn Arbogast

WHEEE!!! ANOTHER DEPRESSING POEM! I wrote this when I was, well, just questioning life, questioning the things about it. Sometimes it just seems like death is the only way I can free myself...

Why? (poem)

Kelsey Peters

Its just a poem I you can guess it's about a guy. I dont like angsty poems myself, but I kind of like this one.

Poem: Life's Passing

Nicole Russo

Another Poem that is still on the dark side, but ... not one of sadness.

Waking Dreams: Prologue and Chapter One

Holly Becker

Driel has waking dreams; memories she can't control of events that didn't happen to her. Sometimes the come from the future, and predict things that are going to happen that she must stop. To make things even better, Driel finds herself falling in love with someone she really doesn't want to. This is my NaNoWriMo story, and the rough draft at that, so I'm going more for quantity than quality. I will edit, but not until I finish writing the rough draft!

One for the Road

Michelle Schad

Somewhat of a sequel to the Love Me forever stories. This is what happens to Taelon after that horrible night in the castle at the end of LMF3.

Chosen Gifts - Chapter Four

Carrie Miller

In this chapter Eilayna is tested, and must begin to make decisions about herself and her future.

The Mists of Avalon

Emily Kirsch

I realized after I titled this that there is also a very famous book by the same name...whoops! It is the beginning of something that may someday be longer.

Dreams: Chapter Four

Christina Stratton

Finally some wierd stuff happens, questions are vaguely answered (only to bring more) and an enemy or two is also introduced.

Chapter 10: Returning Home... Maybe?

Allison Dollar

Is Mya ready to begin her quest?