Rabbit Island

Rosie a.k.a female fred

hehe. I love doing nonsense poetry!! i haven't done any in ages, so it was a great relief to create this! I did it while in the car on a journey to visit my grandparents, and i saw a rabbit on the island in a roundabout. and now, rabbit island!!

'Go Away'

Anna Feldberg

This kind of remindes me of 'The Raven' by Poe, but I like it anyway.

Chapter One: Dire News

Sam Wood

This is the first part of a story I'm probably never going to finish. It's in a similar vein to Redwall and also Watership Down. It deals with an underground fuedal society of rabbits, and their conflict with the other animals of the world.

Lolies Friends

Amber Shoemaker

Childrens story about a bunny and his adventures with his friends.

Chapter 2

Michael Rapoport

The second chapter to the novel, I think they get better as they go along.. you decide.

Mushrooms & Rabbit Fur

Ashley Wynn

A chance encounter in the woods and a fair trade enable a young woman and her smallest brother to escape a life as slaves. This story was inspired by Sabrina Seltenreich's picture.

The Dooming Rabbit

Corbett Robley

A soul tries finding its way to the light after enduring one hundred millennia in a gray place of fog and rain.

Half a life in Wonderland

Maureen Frykberg

A little parody of Alice in wonderland, but backwards. What would have happened if we followed a black hare instead of the white rabbit?

The Swordsman, Chapter 3

S. Binder

The swordsmans journey takes him to the mountains. And there, he meets the priest...

Chapter 1

Michael Rapoport

This is the first chapter to the story.. it's a little drafty, the chapters to come will be MUCH better. But it simply introduces one of the main characters, a dwarf named Xanderick.

Chapter 3

Michael Rapoport

The third chapter goes back to the Gerald storyline. This is the beginning of the key darkness theme in the novel.

Cobain's Quest

K. Gripp

A fairy tale that I wrote for a writing contest. The main character, Cobain, is based off my first horse, by the same name. It is just kind of a cute little children's story that I thought I should include.

Untie My Wings: Chapter 4 - Boiling Point

Sophie Hansen

Alleah comes to terms with her condition, and Vlad attempts to thwart a slave uprising by poisoning them.

Fairytale Series: Alice in Wonderland: Fallen

Emma Kathryn

Curiosity killed the cat...

How the Hunter was humbled by Fox Who Tells Stories

Henrik Lerdahl

I've always enjoyed the old fables about the various animals and their doing, like "how Bear lost his tail" or "why Leopard has spots". I''d been thinking about trying to write something for that genre myself, and the other day I suddenly found myself with an hour or two of unexpected free time. So I simply sat myself down at the first computer I chanced to come upon, and soon tappity-tapped my way through the entirety of this story. It's inspired by a combination of the British ban on fox-hunting, my love for trickster figures and all the folk-tales about clever foxes I grew up with. The original plan was to make several of these little stories, all of them focusing on various foxes and their doings, but I'll just have to wait and see how it goes before commenting further on this.

Resurrection Vortex, pt1

Jason Allard

A young man on an expedition to explore a long lost graveyard in the woods of Kentucky encounters a strange beast and a mysterious young woam who seems to know something about him.

Krum's Easter Story

David Frye

An Easter story I wrote about Krum on a fan site that I am a part of.

Down, Down, Again

Christopher Bennett

This is a sequel I did for the Alice in Wonderland series. Heck. I've never even read one of the Alice books...I've only played the American Mcgee game. So yes this was inspired off of that...It takes place after Alice gets out of a mental institution (according to the game Alice went kinda blank after having her parents die in a fire. Neat game, gotta try it) So, enjoy.

DDA(Down,Down,Again) -ch2

Christopher Bennett

The continuing adventures of Alice. Wee.