Mithandrale, 1st installment

Emily MacKenzie

This is the first chapter of a novel which I have been writing for a long time, and have got quite a lot further with than I usually do. i can really see this one going somewhere, but i'd love to know what you think of it and whether or not you'd like me to post some more up.

Race Through the Mirror

Andrew O'Steen

Ugh, another one in the works. Just seeking some opinions, as it's in a somewhat different style. I think i may need to expand it a bit, even though it IS just the very beginning

Star's End-Chapter 1

Alex Olson

Carter and Dorr meet. The crew is assembled.

The Forest of Ciradan

Samantha Peterson

This is a basic legend of Lusture, the world of the unicorns. It tells the story of the First Warriors, the atumanan, and Ciradanorin.

Fated Fallings

Adam Quinn

This is a rough draft of a story which better helps to describe the past of one of my RolePlaying characters, Kortham Grimard

The Penguinator

Hans Liu

Oh look, it's an English essay I wrote. I forgot what the topic was, I just wanted to write about penguins. Doesn't matter, I got full marks =P Woohoo!

The Angel in My Nightmare

Nicolei Arnold

This is a story about a night race. These demons are chasing this girl and she is finding herself losing hope in life.

Song of the Star Wanderer

Bri Smart

This is a poem that discribes a character from one of my stories called Lathadreela ( pronounced La thad ree ell uh) She is a creature called a star wanderer, and the last of her race. I will eventualy have a picture of her here.

The Aija (background info, revised)

Rebecca Loofboro

This is the description and background of the Aija. They are the main race in most of my stories. This will help you understand them.

Touched by fate

Jen OCarroll

A brief exerpt from my Sister races project explaining the origin of their Lord's seer-like abilities and the role Fate plays within the Sister races pantheon.

Mirrored Self

Nicole Frack

This describes a girl who looks into a mirror or some other reflective device and sees that she is not as pure in heart as she would like to think....she has a dark side, and it wants to take over...9/1/03

"I'll race you to the sky"

Melissa Canaway

Erg, I'm not even sure how many times I've tried to upload this, and for some reason it doesn't want to cooperate ....I don't know why...If it does work this time, inspiration came from a lovely story called "Into the Dawn" by Amanda Jean Timmerman, here in the wood, and the contest prompt "I'll race you to the sky".

Love Beyond Race

Michelle Andersen

The latest novel idea that has been running though my head... This began from the description i wrote for a drawing i drew... And i wanted to write the story which started in the drawing.

Zimbabwe, 2016

Dave McGrogan

A good friend of mine is from Zimbabwe, and last year there was a whole lot of trouble and violence there between white farmers and black squatters. It was reported on the news quite heavily, and I was worried about her and the country. I wanted this to be more about race and civil conflict than I did about Zimbabwe specifically, which is why I tried to set it in the future, but I think it ended up that way. I don't really like the way it turned out.

'Kae' - unfinished

Gioanna Rheumer

This story is my current work in progress. I hope to get it done this time, with minimal crapiness. It's hard to describe what it's about... suffice to say it's sort of fantasy in a sci-fi setting.

Shadow-Dancing, part 6: First Law

Rachel Armstrong

The first law of the fanatic: the more obsessed we are with the enemy, the more like the enemy we become. This is going to be it for the flashbacks for a bit! I swear! We're getting back to the actual plot in the next part! I just had to eke out one little teeny extra bit of important info . . .

People of the Ash: Prologue

Katie Hallahan

The Prologue to 'People of the Ash.' This portion is an exerpt from a text written about them, introducing the Ashion race to the reader.

All you wanted to know

Jodie Kirk

This is an ongoing project. Character descriptions and other little quirks explained that occure in the world. Will gradually expand and update when it's not one in the morning... :)

As Am I

Rebecca Powers

Just a poem about a wild horse.

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 3

Siegfried Baumann

More action herre... After the battle for the Pegasus, our hero is left tumbling to Earth in a damaged fighter. Can he somehow survive and escape the enemy fighter right on his tail?