Part 4: Of the Humans

Juan Dianderas

Part 4 of the history of Lemmirë, concerning the industrious humans.

Part 1: The World thus far...

Juan Dianderas

First part of the story of the World of Lëmmire.

New Age: My World (Races)

Lee Shadle

Not so much a story but the first installment to my world. And I know there will be some of you that conflict to what I've written, but remember.. it's 'my' world.

The races of Terrarum

Emily MacKenzie

This is something I started writing - it is a beginning and currently has no end, but please tell me what you think so that I can decide whether this can go anywhere or not!

Prologue to the Jewels of Dukal

Karl Oswald

A short description of the creation of the world.

The races of Terrarum, chapter 2

Emily MacKenzie

A second installment of my story which I feel could be one of those that goes on for a long time. Please let me know what you think, so I can decide whether or not this can go anywhere!

Part 2: Of the Dah'kin

Juan Dianderas

Second part of the story of Lemmirë, concerning the Devious Dah'kin.

Part 5: Of the Planetarii

Juan Dianderas

Fifth part of the history of Lëmmire, concerning the pure Planetarii

The Races

Brian Jones

This is really just a brief history of several of the races that I'll use in my stories... this will come out as a prologue to the Cerise stories with more added to it later. Enjoy!

History of The Divine

Matko Galesev

This is the story of creation of my own fantasy world. Well, a short version; I'm still amassing courage for a bible-sized version :D


Kat Napthine

An elf stumbles upon Elftown while wandering the woods

Fayne's Story Chapter 1

Alicia Jynx' Freeman

The intro into Fayne's little universe. The idea for this story was her online adventures in several Taverns. Let me know if I should continue it.

At The Braeth of Dawn

J. adams

Story about a vampire in need of happiness and his ancestors.

The races of Terrarum, chapter 3

Emily MacKenzie

The third installment... I'm getting quite excited about this 1! the ideas are beginning to come... (please comment)

Kevali species info - WIP

Jen OCarroll

A work in progress. A detailed look into the racial traits, the ecology and the culture of the Kevali people. Please offer constructive criticism and ask lots and lots of questions... there's a lot that needs added to this, but i've srot of hit a brick wall in terms of knowing exactly what. So let me know what i've forgotten, things that you'd like to know, point out apparent errors etc.

The Nature of the Fey: An Excerpt

Kevin Morris

This is just a small thing I wrote up on the fey of my worlds. It started out as a free-write while bored during class and I decided to integrate it into my D&D settings.

Cerise 05

Brian Jones

'Chapter 5'... a little detail about what Cerise will do. Enjoy!

New Age: The Beginning (1)

Lee Shadle

The opening to my world... the New Age.

Wëlterngard The Races

Ethan Harris

 This is a continuation of my earlier creation myth...

Prologue - The War for the Realm

Jessica Everington

This is a prologue for a story I'm writing. Some prior knowledge of the history of Malendon Realm was going to be important so that readers would understand what's going on in the story itself as well as why things are the way they are.I've tried to make it a brief, yet engaging summary. Which was a bit hard towards the end when I really wanted to go into more detail. Anyways it's a bit raw at the moment, but hopefully I'm not wasting my time and people find it enjoyable.I've actually come up with a different name for "elves" which is "elvar", but for Wyvern's Library I've kept to their conventional names. If you're curious though, High Elves are "Elvar'Ryn" and Dark Elves are "Zet'Elvar".Sigdhe (pronounced sygd-hee) and Aesvir (pronounced ayez-viir) are be my own creation, but with obvious roots in Celtic and Norse mythology. I really wanted to go into more description of them, but it just didn't fit with the prologue. They will appear in the story though, so I figured I would go into greater detail then.