Love your Enemies 01-02

Désirée Dippenaar

This is a story about a future in which the world has been taken over by elves - who are not as nice as the stories used to tell! Humans are forced to live in poverty and dirt while the elves have all they want. But one day, Katarina discovers that not all elves are the same... Some big changes made from the original! Please tell me if there's anything I should still change!! ^^ Latest update: November 2008

Chapter V The Council

Catherine Felt

The Queen and the governors of Venya's Kingdom are deliberating what to do with the Purrlin (Cat - Human) slave population. There is fear that the Purrlin may attempt to overthrow the government, but all Rayne is concerned about are the rumors that she will be forced to marry young Lord Fallon.


Simon Pettersson

The next chapter in the semi-coherent story of the elf and human lovers. This is their son. The mother decided to kill herself when the father died of old age, leaving the child alone in a hostile world. This is probably my favourite so far. I think of it, not as a poem, but as a monologue. Think of one person standing in the middle of a stage, to his right, the humans and to his left, the elves. I don't know why I think of it like this, but I think this kind of performance would do it more justice. Some lines would be shouted ('I’m one whole creature, not two halves attached!') and some would be said with a sorrowfilled voice ('Then should I hide myself in loathe and shame?'). *Shrugs* Whatever. Make of it what you will. Somewhere, deep down, there might be a message about racism in this piece.

There are Monsters in this World

Noor Khouraki

A very insightful it and you'll see

The Water's Edge

Lindsay Lockhart

Just a little story of a little girl and a little boy with a little somethin' to say.

Those Houses

Tracey Hoard

this is just a little story i conjured up... ummm... okay... if you want it to be more 'fantastical' make the punk an elf, the hippie a fae, and mexican guy a cute little troll dude. =)~

The Hunting

Cedric Rominger

Well, this text is ... a little story. At first I wrote it for my friends.

Love your Enemies 03-04

Désirée Dippenaar

Katarina has an awkward conversation with the palace guard, who unexpectedly helps her. *NEW SCENE* Note: the Elvish word in chapter 4 (drizka) has been left untranslated for two reasons; firstly because Katty doesn't understand it and this is her point of view, and secondly because it's a very bad word and I won't be caught writing that in English ;) Latest update: November 2008

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 20

Samantha Fortier

This chapter is going to need a bit of work, but believe me Sydor is not very happy at the end of this chapter. Secrets are revealed as well as betrayal

Chapter 1

Cameron Tkachuk

This is sort of a modern day vampire action story that I thought up in math and just wrote. As a result I am now failing math so I hope you enjoy.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 7: Imprisonment

Rachel Armstrong

At long last, the flashbacks end and the plot resumes!I apologize for the heavy, heavy exposition here, especially when it comes to vampires. As I've said in some of my comments to part 6, I'm writing this story inside-out and trying to compensate with generous use of the exposition stick.

Love your Enemies 05-06

Désirée Dippenaar

Katarina feels more and more the conflict between her village life and the time she spends with Cirion. *lots of new scenes* And this took me 6 months to write...

Shadow-Dancing, Part 1: Rowan

Rachel Armstrong

I'm always the meanest to the characters I love the most, and Rowan is one of my favorite characters. Therefore, she gets herself into the most trouble. She's an elf, in a world where elves and humans despise one another. This scene makes it sound like humans are the ones more at fault, but it's really both sides; I hope I can get a few more scenes from this world in here, because it's one of my favorites. There's also a continuation to this scene, but taking it all out of context means putting in some serious 'information dump' that would have been explained earlier in the storyline. Now, if only the entire plot were developed . . . By the way, as a little advance warning, this scene has some major insinuations in it, but if you read much Mercedes Lackey or Jennifer Roberson then you'll have absolutely no problem. ; P

Shadow-Dancing, part 6: First Law

Rachel Armstrong

The first law of the fanatic: the more obsessed we are with the enemy, the more like the enemy we become. This is going to be it for the flashbacks for a bit! I swear! We're getting back to the actual plot in the next part! I just had to eke out one little teeny extra bit of important info . . .

This Stranger, My Friend p. 11-20

Anna Smith

Pages 11-20 of the unfinished novel(la?).


Cameron Tkachuk

I dont have a title for the story yet but I am hoping to have one by the time I am done writing.

The Forbidden Children: Prolouge

Samantha Fortier

This a prolouge to my story. It helps give some background to the story and how a certain charcter is found. Edited 2/27/06

Shadow-Dancing, Part 4: Memories

Rachel Armstrong

I really hate flashbacks, but they were the only way I could think of to get all the necessary background information in here. It's written kinda choppy, I know, but I did that on purpose--when was the last time you had a memory that was completely clear and coherent? ; ) I apologize for the length, but it used to be even worse--Parts 4 and 5 used to be the same part. (Uff, I'm going to get up to part 87 or something on this before I have the common sense to stop . . .) Oh, and for sake of clarity, elves age at about half the speed of humans.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 5: The Shattering

Rachel Armstrong

Yay for childhood trauma on a stick! This is how Rowan becomes such a little ball of love and sunshine. I am sooo going to Hell for the things I do to Rowan . . .

Something Walks -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. In this poem... well, I'll let it tell the story.