First Kiss

Elisabeth Jones

written for a competition on Elftown called kissing in the rain. hope you like it.

The Stranger's Welcome Chpt 1: Arrival

Stephanie Forrest

**WORKING TITLE** This is the first chapter in the novel I am, SLOWLY, writing. There really isn't much to it but I hinted at a big part of the story you'll see in the next chapter or two, let me know if you figure out what it is. *Hint: Pay attention to the flashback's wording* **UPDATE** Okay... Let's be honest here. I haven't touched this story in years. I have a feeling it'll never get done so... Unless someone -really- wants it to continue and is willing to badger me about it... This will be removed from Elfwood after I get up a larger amount of stories.

A Feather, Perhaps (Chapter I)

Chessie Alberti

Perhaps this is a prologue.. I'm not sure yet. Um. Not much to say.

Paradise In Flowers Bloom, Part II

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

Walking through the rain one destined day, Ronin comes upon startling discoveries. Whispers in the wet streets of the mysterious city of Windrow brings a new meaning to 'Are you afraid of the dark?'

City in the Rain

Greg Nelson

This was another creative writing assignment. It was basically just 'describe something happening in a rainy city.' Of course... me being me, I HAD to turn it into something dark. The first version was only a paragraph long and was horrible. But before I turned it in again and I revised and and now it's over 3 pages long, at least that's how big it was when I turned it in.

Chapter 2

Sadaf Niaz

Misha is back finally! I think that I had the most fun writing this chapter, so far, though there is one other that I really like. I has a new MC that no one has seen yet. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

At First Site 2

Aaron Green

Continuing from the first one, several major characters are introduced- most notably Rain. I edited it for several minor errors, and the ending so it will better transition into the third part.

The Song of the Raindrop Fairies

Anniina Jokinen

There is a melody to which this can be sung, but I am not savvy enough to transcribe it myself.

Dreams of Rain

Heather Nicholson

inspired by Sting's song 'Desert Rose'. it's currently a work in progress, so be expecting the rest pretty soon. I enjoy writing conversation, but am unfortunatly not very good at it and was thinking about cutting the convo. between Antar & the others. opinions?

Little Proze

Samantha Hosea

euh...well...little proze

Tarun, Son of Delano

Jess Hickman

The Midnight Murderer's legacy lives on in his son, Tarun Delano. Tarun gets the surprise of his life on his 18th birthday when a mysterious black fox shows up, leaving behind a coat and lap top computer. Tarun is forced to make a choice, which choice he will choose is unknown to him. (If you haven't read 'The Midnight Murderer', you may want to read that one first.)

The Rain God

Samantha Knapp

Yet another old piece, from about 1999 (and that's old to me!) It was just a strange idea that wouldn't leave me alone... stupid ideas.

Acorn Child

Laura Watson

Autumn spun frost shimmers and painted leaves. Change howled and danced. Safely cuddled into Mother Earth an Oak baby dreamt. At first the Acorn dreamt of The Fall.

The Water Nymph

Jacqueline Tanner

This was the first fantasy writing i ever wrote. I was probably inspired by something i read or saw at Elfwood, as i am constantly. There is still something that annoys me about this poem, but when i go to change it i cannot seem to find it... hehe oh well.

Epitaphs (working title)

Ryan Morini

The old man is pretty much the focal point for me in this piece. He's modeled after my maternal grandfather, who must be one of the most miserable creatures in existence. I'm probably one of the only people in the world who actually likes him (my parents included), but I almost never visit him. It's just taxing... I kid you not when I say that he actually itemizes his grievances in a written list, and recounts them whenever a visitor comes in (for example). I'm not much of a people-person myself, and I find it awkward to be around him and try to cheer up the uncheerable, even though I sometimes feel like I understand him perhaps as well as anyone ever will. So in addition to a rumination on my own faltering sense of purpose, and general melancholy, this story was largely fueled by a desire to demonstrate some sort of likable side of my grandfather following my grandmother's death. A few people actually seem to have liked it; it must've come out all right in some ways, then.

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 5

Raven O'Shea

Echo and Tear discuss Rain and their pasts. Questions without answers abound as they wonder on what side the Lord of Death stands.

Shards of Alesya: Chapter 4

Raven O'Shea

After parting with Tear and Echo, Rain decided a walk in the cemetary to clear her mind is just what she needs. She also hopes to run into her mysterous boy again. However, their meeting prompts more questions than answers and draws Rain deeper into a world she can't comprehend.


Lynn Ashe

This is more a prose poem than a story. It's not about a man with powers that set him outside the ordinary. It's about the grief that convulses creation when any of her children are lost....

Spring Shower

Meghan Nowosad

Just a day is the life of a Faery I think. A day where it rains anyway ^.^

Curse of the Lamia Profundi

Michelle Morrison (May)

A poem written the same way as 'Nymph Poem,' this time with 26 words and no additional lines. 'Lamia profundi' is Latin for 'vampire of the abyss.' Yay for Latin! Again, the poem starts off a bit vague as I didn't really have a set direction for it until the sixth or seventh lines or so. Enjoy it's vagueness.