Rainbow Land (children's poem)

Alison Grills

I wrote this one when I was still pretty young myself. I hope to one day see it as a picture book - any artists out there interested in a collaboration?


Aaron Cordiale

 This poem is based off of one of my dreams. In this dream I was not a person, just conciousness. There was nothing material. Everything was just made of color and shifted constantly. I had no name. There was no language, and all I felt was a sense of something slighty wrong in this place; wrong in the sense that I belonged there, but on a mountain made of shifting colors was some force that did not belong there. It reminded me of the story Celephais by H.P Lovecraft in which the character Kuranes experiences many dream worlds, and meets these intelligent gases that exist beyond infinity where no time, matter, or gravity is present. I wonder all the time if I was dreaming, had a holy experience, or maybe ascended to some higher plane of existence, or it could've been something else. Either way, I have never returned to that world in my sleep, but felt the need to document it in the way I thought best, poetry.

Colors: an Oz flash fiction

Mike Conway

A dying girl realizes who she once was.


Grace Cruz

This is the origin of the rainbow. I used some gods and goddess in it..in greek mythology. It was actually an assignment in English because we were studying greek mythology.


Samantha Hosea

Well, this is one of which I don't know what to think of. This one's more written 'from the heart' than the other two, I guess, the others were just stories that came and this one's more...I don't know...ah, well, just read, if you wanna...and comment, if you feel like it...


Megan Smith

This is just a short poem I wrote during math while I was bored to tears.

The Rainbow Stone part 5

Harold Alter

Tram finds out he had been tricked by King Moran to lead a new colony out into the wild. He also finally finds love, in the wielder of the Staff of the Rainbow Stone.

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 1

Harold Alter

A legendary hunter becomes involved with a peasant girl except as it turns out she's not a peasant girl.


Tony Sims

Ever wondered where rainbows come from?

The End Of The Rainbow.

Clive Snowdon

Have you ever wondered if there is really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 3

Harold Alter

The legendary Tram and friends helps Princess Marrella escape out of the country of Argonia but find themselves in much more trouble.

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 5

Harold Alter

The conclusion of The Rainbow Stone.

Heaven born

Kate Frizzell

I wrote this after looking at a picture done by a fellow artist. Go find her. The artist's name is Aisha S. Theissen and the picture is called 'dancing my heart away'. Its a beautiful picture. I made the story so it would fit. Bleh. Still nothing I can eat. *stomach growls*

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 2

Harold Alter

A Princess is forced to flee a King in order to save her only possesion. The Staff of the Rainbow Stone.

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 4

Harold Alter

The new army of the lost country of Coradda fight valiantly to keep their dream alive, the hope to re-settle the Wild.

Guardian of the Woods

Nicole Antonia Rodovsky

Story 1 For a book I call 'The Angels of Whitewing County.' Version WL1.3. The Guardian of the Woods stems from my belief that every living thing has a guardian or guardians.

Rainbow Cave

Joe Thorn

Desl finds himself in an alreadry used cave of rainbows. He finds something waiting for him...

The Mayor of Fitty

T. Tyndell

Never take was it not yours!

My Wings

Elladora Podmore

A poem about a fairy who is desperately in love.

The Rainbow

Victoriana Ravenscraft

This is a 'Once upon a time...' story that is fairly short. I wrote it as a class assignment in 8th grade Lit as a project to describe briefly, in a story, how the rainbow came to be. Here is what I thought of. Enjoy!