Random Chapter

Bella Feine

My sister (age ten) was complaining to me about having to go to the cinema and watch some strange film about a little naked baby who saves the village with a twig and a pair of shoes when this chapter came out of no where. I have no idea what the rest of the story is, who the characters are, how it finishes...it's just there.


Roku Yuusei

Miarkhal is not word. I made it up. Short and random. During typhoon sibling elements join forces and put aside differenses.

Waking Nightmares

Ingrid Atkinson

Nightmares from the past haunt a young fae boy.

Dolphin Quest

Chiya Pike

Spontaneous... Spontaneous stories are always the best :)

Chapter 3

Emma Wright

if you've read the last two chapters you know the characters now here's the story so you know whats likely to happen...

It Must Be Monday

Sam Lee

The premise of this came from a dream I once had.

Operation Meowser-wowser

Krista Williams

Alright. Another random story! This one came from a combination of little sleep, too many credit hours, and putting the finishing touches on a report about the Stud himself, Ludwig van Beethoven. I was falling asleep and needed something to distract me until my next class. Voila! Another random outburst of blonde humor. Enjoy! Oh! And I have the permission of Hut herself to post this, as these characters come from her AMAZING beyond amazing story-turned-novel-in-the-making, Trench Coats and Love Notes. You can find it here: http://www.elfwood.com/libr/g/b/gbowden2/trench_coats_and_love_notes01.htm.html Oooo! Don't read this unless you've read to part...13 or so. Otherwise you might get a spoiler...which are not good. I don't care what anyone says. Spoilers stink.

The Rifting

Joel Todd

The struggles of young students to tame their powers.

Randomness For The Sake Of Randomnity... ?

Bridgette Chaffey

Personally, I have absolutely no clue if randomity is indeed a word. In fact, I'm quite curious... But moving on, this is a story I wrote with one of my best friends, Zoe (remember the evil lunchbox-stealing fiend from P.O.T.L. 1?), and I decided I'd spread that randomnity around! Let me explain this deep and random randomeness, (as you can see, I like saying random), you see, Zoe and I did this in class and you had to write a sentance with the beginning chosen by the teacher. So, the writing in bold is my handwork, and the italic is hers. See what happens when you give me an excuse to write crazyness?!?

Daughter's Magic

Mariposa Gollery

 So there are all these things where the kid can do magic and goes off to have all these adventures. Sometimes the parents find out and sometimes they don't. Well what about the parents? And can they do the same things their children can? Just something random that came out on Word. I was going to make it longer, but I didn't. 

dreams of a hopeful past

austin wotring

this is my first writing that i have done on here so grade me kindly

Happy Valentine's Day

Jenna Anderson

Just something I thought up... Kinda cynical, but enjoy.

Once Upon a Time

Skyler Crouse

A poem about a conversation with a wizard...slightly random, but somehow it makes sense. This is one of the best poems I've wrote so far ^_^


Susanne der Wal

Something I started writing at random, or atleast that's what i thought. Though when i read it back a while ago, i realized it was based on some feelings of a great friend'a mine. (thanks for the inspiration bram ^-^)

Damned if I know what to call it!

Megan McCarthy

This is something I found last night. I must've written it at least two years ago. I kinda like it, even though I don't really understand it.


Michael Viar

These are the Writings I made at my school's overnight trip. I refuse to call them poems, as they were not written as such. Rather, I simply wrote as the Words that make them up came together in my mind. Anyhow...

Eyeball Soup

Bridgette Chaffey

Ok then. Right, this is a story a about a girl who happens to find an eyeball in her soup. Yes I know it's retarded. In a good way. And, no I was not on drugs/alchol/sugar... I just have the most random imagination... I turned angles in a triangle into an angry face~! Yesh, I'm crazy. Oh yeah, before I go, read the story. Dude, I know it looks long, but its not. :D

The Greater Undead

Yasa Nihari

Mmmmmm. Roadkill. XP But in Soviet Russia, roadkill eat hobos! Sorry, couldn't resist. 2007

Zapping through the woods

Marius Ernst

This story is inspired by elfwood itself! This is how I feel when I move from story to story, from world to world by pressing the random button.

Tears of Blood

Karissa Gussman

A non-sensical poem I wrote in an angsty mood one day...put it onto a piece of illustration board and drew an angel in the snow on it. *nods* Written in early 2003.