The Books of Narevyn - Altan & The Nathaniels

Tim Everett

This is an excerpt from the novel I am working on. The novel is tentatively named 'The Books of Narevyn'. It's classified as 'epic fantasy' for some retarded reason. I disagree with that classification because I don't want to be pigeon-holed. Please read and review. Let me know what you think. I also have copies of this on my DeviantArt page and my Myspace page.

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 6: The Archers Alone Part I

N. Henry

Joined now by stoic Dwarf-Captain Dirk, all that stands between the League and their allies and the Human Capital of Acissej is enigmatic Nreyon Forest, Barbara's ancestral homeland and home now to a King driven mad...

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 2: Something's Rotten in the City of Damarask

N. Henry

The League, pursued by a Goblin force, attempts to seek sanctuary in the Wizard-City of Damarask, a City that their Wizard, Taiko, was exiled from many years before

League Reunited Prologue

N. Henry

A preview of the upcoming sequel to immensely successful 'The League of the Second-Best,' and a look into the past of one of everyone's favorite characters...

League Reunited, Chapter 3: Inside Information

N. Henry

Equipped now with the Gifts of the Mighty, the League makes their way to the origin of the spectacular map that led them on their great quest in the first place, the legendary city of Amphiroth and it's patron, Lady Zaren.

Ranger, Prologue: Reason and Passion

N. Henry

The much asked-for origins of Etheria's greatest hero, Nathanael of Wildrem Wood, chronicled for the first time in an epic tale centuries in the making!

The Adventures of the Sensational Six: Unrequited, Part I

N. Henry

A figure out of Nate's past comes back to haunt him in this intriguing glance into the history of one of Etheria's greatest heroes. Part I.

Origins of the Sensational Six

N. Henry

Long before the League of the Second-Best, there was the Sensational Six...

The Adventures of the Sensational Six: Strange Alliances

N. Henry

The Sensational Six, working for the famed Mercenaries' Guild, answers a call from the civil war-torn city of Hagen-Drä, the only place where valuable Magemetal ore can be mined! How will the Sensational Six face this new threat? Find out!

Leralam and Lerune Aldea: Coming of Age

Faith Doerr aka Lerune

This is the background story on my elven ranger, Lerune and her scout brother, Leralam. I stopped role-playing for years, and Lerune was the very first character I rolled up when I started playing again. Hope you guys like.

Tre Pereldar

Faith Doerr aka Lerune

This is the story of my half-elven bard, Tre. She only adventured for a short while before she was retired to a life with higher meaning. Pretty unusual for a bard, but I like the way things turned out. I hope anyone reading the story can appreciate the goodness in both Tre and Thaler and enjoy reading the story of their life together as much as I have enjoyed role-playing it (Thaler belongs to a friend). Even without its RPG ties, their story stands alone as a good read.

The Seven Spheres, Chapter 1

Kyle Arthur

This is the first chapter of the story. The story of a quest to reclaim 7 magical spheres and prevent a corrupted old wizrd from taking them.


Garon Whited

Justice doesn't die.

Winter Sun Chapter 1

Andrew Morris

This is a story of the Wars that proceeded the current story arc. This story will hopefully get the reader a bit more familiar with some of the recent events and landscape surrounding Ravenia. I have edited it particularly for the Wyvern's Library. I sometimes forget that a few of Brialyn's more colorful phrases are not for this forum... ;-) This is a work in progress and I hope you enjoy the ride.


Doug Clitheroe

This is a brief story about Cedric, somewhat more of an episode in the 'Story of Cedric'. Cedric is my SCA name so in essence this is who I wish I could be. Anyways...

EoD: Demon and a Journey

Thomas St.Clair

Era of Darkness, my first series. This is Part One, Demon and a Journey. (Bad title, good story) I may add more to make it longer, but I can't write too much more.

Wolfstone's Journal - The Lost Inn

Timothy Pontious

Wolfstone made an unexpected detour one rainy evening. I don't think he wants to return.

In Sickness and in Health

Linda Lindqvist

Short little story about the halfway happy Ranger duo(that's their official designation now heh) which deals with their experience with inkeepers, barmaids, and Healers. Written in the span of four and a half hours in summer school, and I only recently got around to revising and HTMLizing it. Kinda sad. Ah well. Read and comment, as always.

The Last Bounty

Andrew O'Steen

A story of a bounty hunter's final target before retirement.

The Betrayal of Amaranthe: Chapter 3

Mercedes Boggs

As Falin and Ana's relationship grows so do his fears of friendship, love, and his own abilities.