Elise Cannon

A young angel, fallen from the grace of the Gods above learns the lessons of Karma when he faces the truth of his fate. He believes his whole purpose of existence is to slay the mortal enemies of the Heavens; humans. But in his blind ignorance and unjust spite he falls, in more ways then one, into his dark fate embraced in the blissful beauty of love in its truest form. But will his wish come true, his wish for humans to suffer. It has been his only longing since the creation of the human beings, but when he finally gets his wish, will it be what he wants, when he sees the truth of it and himself?

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (5)

Cly Novak

This is the 5 chapter. I think Maxx talks the most in this one than in any other chapter so far. And please remember... this is a little cat doing all this damage. Never thought a cat could do anything more than scratch when faced with a bath...

Fallen Angel

Pamela Koehne Drube

The Rape and Revenge of Ilise

Peter Jello

Rape is a horrific, unspeakable crime that can have a lifelong impact on the victim and those around her. This is the tale of one such victim, one who takes it upon herself to exact revenge on those who afflicted such a despicable deed on her. The rape itself isn't described in great detail. However, this story is not for the weak-hearted.

Facets - Chapter Four

Amy Stewart

Warning: This chapter contains violence and emotions (as odd as that sounds!) that may be disturbing to some readers. Chapter Four for the most part deals with emotional disturbance. If I've written it succesfully you will be able to see several changes in Desana that will linger on with her throughout more of the story. Please comment, whether positive or negative.


Hugo Schalkwyk

This is a not nice poem about a not nice subject.

Wiglaf, Book I

Jennifer Nelson

This story began as an English writing assignment, this is actually the prequal to the assignment, it isn't finished yet, but I plan on doing that too.

In The Woods

Rhonda Jezek

Things I almost remember given flight.


Rick Welsh

This is the first chapter of a story that I might finish someday (isn't that always the way?). It's called Inspired because I was busy sulking one day about a girlfriend I had just broken up with. I was imagining a particular scene that had actually occured, and I was imagining how it'd be in a fantasy setting.

The song for Miriam

Troels Jørgensen

Old elvish song of remembrance

Witch's Embers, Chapter 01

Chris Martens

--Warning: later on, this story gets very depressing and graphic.-- It's been hell trying to think of a title for this one, and I don't think I'll keep the one I have. This was originally supposed to be a short story, but I ended up expanding it. I was reading Dickens at the time, so sorry if it takes some efforts to untangle the long, complex sentences.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 1: Rowan

Rachel Armstrong

I'm always the meanest to the characters I love the most, and Rowan is one of my favorite characters. Therefore, she gets herself into the most trouble. She's an elf, in a world where elves and humans despise one another. This scene makes it sound like humans are the ones more at fault, but it's really both sides; I hope I can get a few more scenes from this world in here, because it's one of my favorites. There's also a continuation to this scene, but taking it all out of context means putting in some serious 'information dump' that would have been explained earlier in the storyline. Now, if only the entire plot were developed . . . By the way, as a little advance warning, this scene has some major insinuations in it, but if you read much Mercedes Lackey or Jennifer Roberson then you'll have absolutely no problem. ; P

Shadow-Dancing, part 6: First Law

Rachel Armstrong

The first law of the fanatic: the more obsessed we are with the enemy, the more like the enemy we become. This is going to be it for the flashbacks for a bit! I swear! We're getting back to the actual plot in the next part! I just had to eke out one little teeny extra bit of important info . . .


Lindsey Butler

A look into my world of witches. Told as answers to interview questions.

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Four

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

With her newfound allies, old Faraci and the handsome and enigmatic MacGowan, Em sets out to rescue her people and unravel the mysteries of the Ring of Amaar... And meanwhile...the evil Dolabella is catching up to them.

Enslavement: Prologue

Abigail Oakley

This was inspired by something from Elfwood I can't remember what at the moment.. Um it's not what you'd expect? Hopefully part of a larger story? If I ever get around to finishing it? Winter, 2001

The Life Of Eve

E. Aust

Another small story. This one represents alot to me. I understand my mistake. I called Eve a virgin while talking of her children. I decided not to change it because her virginity to me means something quite different.

Fiery Reunited

Orion Linn

The first story dealing with Orion, the LeMure of Passion and Promise. She is the victim of a kidnapping plot...which ends up in a twisted way.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 5: The Shattering

Rachel Armstrong

Yay for childhood trauma on a stick! This is how Rowan becomes such a little ball of love and sunshine. I am sooo going to Hell for the things I do to Rowan . . .

Raider 02: Accusations

Richard Lorenz

The accusations made against the hero.