Untitled - Part II

Gioanna Rheumer

This is the second part of Toryn's story. Hope you enjoy!

Untitled - so far

Michelle Lackey

This story is actually a lead up to another I'm working on. It's about Rachel later in life, but for now she's eight/nine. Um, the story moves a little more slowly than most that I would write since the fast ones get people confused. You critical people, this is your chance to shine (just remember that this is only chapters 1-4). Go to it!

Usher II

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

I wrote this as a class assignment. We'd just read Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, and were supposed to rewrite one of the stories from our own viewpoint, as if we ourselves were in the story. I chose 'Usher II,' a story about a man who resents that society is trying to make fantasy go away, and wants to make a point by recreating some of the old stories in a new and much more solid way. It supposedly takes place on a Mars where it is easy to breathe. Bradbury might have written the story for a similar assignment after reading works by Poe.

The Dark Night - Prologue - Part 1

Jayd Greenwood

its about vampires....living in secret in our world...the prologue is in the early 1800s....

Tale of the Moon


An attempt to overcome writers' block, this small riddle was written as an experiment.

Parasyte - Chapter 2 - A Hand Clasped His Mouth From Behind

Jayd Greenwood

Its chapter two time, lol. More Parasytes and people dying and almot dying and what not in this one. i like killing people off ^^please enjoy. and ignore my rubbish descriptions, lol.

Absolutely Absurd

John Pettit

When former farmer turned sea captain, Jester, and his first mate Gilbert return to Queen Isabella of Spain with the famed Sacred Walrus to fulfil their hired assignment, their adventure only begins. These two characters find that their job is truly absolutely absurd.

Sharks vs Rays (Intro)

Brandyn Wood

This is the biginning of a short story I wrote, it is a scientific fiction.