What Annelie Read: Part I

Bethany Moreau

Annelie was an innocent girl who read in too deep for her own good. She let herself fall in love with someone dangerous who couldn't push her far enough away to save her... This is a sad story of a girl, a vampire and his evil brother thrown together by chance.

The Star of the Thief Chapter Six

Kristopher Brown

Iris and the companions head toward Iris's old home, bringing back old memories for the thief... and a very familiar face.

The Star of the Thief Chapter Two

Kristopher Brown

Iris meets the Queen of the Elves, learns to use a sword, falls in love, and learns magic.

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 2

Kristy 'Saru' J. Plotkin

Sheri finds out Johann has the same power, Waneta changes shape, Sheri plans to lead Crescent Day ceremony

Bite Chapter 8

Amory Koch

Massacre! *ehem* Gatter gets some action, Zara gets some too, everyone is confused and nabbing people and such... what fun!

The Flower 5 (I See)

Brandon Lee

We can never tell what another thinks unless we can read minds

Chapter 5

Guangyi Chua

Chapter 5 to The Last Guardian, End of Part 1

The Star of the Thief Chapter Four

Kristopher Brown

Still in a daze from the attack with the Wraith, the companions travel to the village of the River-folk.

The Shift

Eric Hannus

This is a horror story about a crazy guy and a ghost. Thats all I'm saying. I changed the end so it would fit Elfwood's standards too, so if you dont like the end then just pretend its not there I guess

Against the Flow

Xander Brown

(Also 'Beyond the Beast'.) Hey all concerned. This is the unofficial after series of my mod's story 'Combating the Beast'. Enjoy. By Order.

Storybook Boy 2

Renèe aka: cozzybob

I saw the old poem lying around one november night and thought that it needed a refreshing. It seemed familar to certain people, something that readers could identify with. I mean I hated the actual poem, but I liked the old friend feel to it. So I wanted to rewrite it. This is actually a rewrite of the original. It's completely different. I knew that, but I didn't care. I didn't see the answer in front of me. I dedicated it to Azi again because I had done so in the first one and thought it fair. I don't remember why I dedicated it to her--oh wait. Yeah I do. Azi came up with the name of the poem. Now that poem is a series so I guess the entire series is dedicated to her. Haha. Anyway she suggested that this is more like 'Storybook Boy 2,' that it's a continuation. Thus this lovely series was born. Now I have this wacky new tradition. Every year (just one a year, any month) I will add a new poem to the series, dedicated to Azi-chan for the name and the 'thick-glassed boy' for the inspiration. Let's see how many years pass by. This particular poem is very very dark. I don't know why, but I've been doing that recently with my work. It also ends with a period, claiming an ending. Is it really over? Is that one word really simple enough to end it? Of course not. I AM writing a new one this year after all. ~^ Originally written in 2003

Winds Over Acherin 1 Emerald of the Ruin

David Chandler

This is the first installment of my book, Winds Over Acherin. It is told by Seth, a vauge character that is returning to his home city.

The Star of the Thief Chapter One

Kristopher Brown

The thief's mission has proved successful, and she runs into some unexpected company during the night.


Katelyn Crabb

This is the prologue... um... yeah... read this first.... I kinda screwed up the order!

untitled vampire story

Mariposa Gollery

A vampire meets an unusual human who is really annoying at first....oh, and she likes tea!!!


Duane Pesice

It isn't television that turns one into a zombie...


Juvela Obi

Have you ever read a story, and became so immersed in the events--the experiences--within that story, that you totally checked out of your life? You don't notice your surroundings, you forget who you are, and you just become so involved with the story, it's like you've taken on the persona of the main character. You may even find your self silently (or not so silently) advising that character.I do that all the time. And I swear, sometimes the character responds to me. Not directly, but just enough that I notice. I'll be sitting there, virtually screaming that something is a trap, and then "MC suddenly stops. 'I don't know why, but this just feels like a trap to me...' she says." Or I won't notice anything immediately, but I'll re-read it later, and find that the story has changed slightly. Am I the only one?No, I don't think so. I think some of us are just special that way; we have some sort of magical power or gift that allows us to travel through time and back, from world to world, and mind to mind. We live purely to guide the beings that aren't even aware of our existense, and yet they depend on us to continue their existence.

The Star of the Thief Prologue

Kristopher Brown

An enemy of an evil baron has sneaked into his castle. But what could this thief possibly want?

Can You Read Me?

Kristin Crawford

Well, okay. Here's my first post EVER! I was sitting with a couple of my friends, and this guy we know who can 'read' people. The words kinda just popped into my head, as usual. So, yeah. Not really fantasy I guess, technically, but kind of!

The Star of the Thief Chapter Five

Kristopher Brown

Iris and the companions enter a dark forest and are attacked by a sorcerer, losing one of the members in their company. The rest of the party escapes, unscathed, and an even bigger problem unwinds itself; Wraiths.