Death's Dreamer

Lisa Kitty' Bargielski

This is actually one of my newer works, compared to what I will be posting here once I find it! It's about a woman named Carmylla, who is having recurring dreams about a strange man. Carm is one of my FAVORITE characters, so hopefully I'll get more about her written soon.

Reap What You Sow - Ch1

Rebecca R. Lally

It looks like Joss's trigger happy ways have, yet again, landed her in deep trouble. But does Joss realise just how deep her troubles are??

The Reaper

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, this is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and forgot about. I just recently thought of it and decided it was suitable. Moo-san.

Shadow Drive

Patrick Orr

The Road of Death, a Grim Horror Tale of Lost Friends and Mystery behind the Shocking Tale of the Mad Men.

The Laughing Reaper

Oliver Nothers

Who said the Reaper was always Grim? This poem (or rather song) will show you even this 'Being' has an attitude...

Thy Sting and Victory

Simi *Muffin Queen*

Continuing with the overuse of that Corinthians quote, 'O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?' (1 Corinthians, 15:55) This is the sequel to Cried the Reaper so make sure you've read that! We find out what happens to Aida and Daron after the fall. For the love of all things pastry, please don't kill me at the ending. I'm very, very sorry. All poetry (c) me. EDIT: Thanks to the mods for the Mod's Choice, and to everyone who's commented! My eyes practically fell out of my head when I saw that...especially since Cried got a Mod's too! Golden feathers dance in my eyes. ^_^

Lake of Tears

Tayla Waterworth

A slightly different view of what may await us after death...bizarre ideas tend to pop up in my head at random times.

Toxic Angel

Benjamin Martlew

I wrote this sitting in an English class quite a long time ago now. I didn't plan it at all, it just came to me so I scribbled it down. It's basically how I see our modern world. it's about corruption, tainting good things, and what may happen if the world doesn't wake up soon. A load of nonsense really :)

Reap What You Sow - Ch4

Rebecca R. Lally

Lomax may think that he is having a bad day, but nothing can compare to what Joss is about to discover. And, unfortunately for our girl, things are about to get a whole lot worse! Note- this one gets a little icky... You've been warned!

Grim Reaperia

Erica Newkumet

This is a new character that I made for a writing contest. She's kind of feministic and has a VERY different view on things, even if that isn't shown so much in this story. I had to cut it because of the contest rules, and unfortunatly most of her crazy things had to go. I'll see if I'll write some more of her sometime. Enjoy!

River of Death

Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

This is the first poem I ever wrote. I wrote it when I was 12 so its not that good, but I figured i'd put it up anyway.

Cried the Reaper

Simi *Muffin Queen*

And then there was Aida, just for Hanna! This turned out angstier than I meant for it to be, but I still like it. Aida is the Angel of Death-one of the five dark angels, a necessary evil. And the rest, you'll have to find out! 9/13/04-Guhbuhduhhuhwha? Mod's Choice? Me? ...Thank you all so much for your comments! You make me very happyful. And thank you to the Mods! *beams* For everyone who asked...yes, this will be continued, and yes, I'll let you know when. ^.^ Oh, yes. All poem-bitties are (c) me.

The Depressed Grim Reaper

LeilaniGrace Gonzaga

Have you ever wondered if Grim ever had feelings about killing? I'm guessing not so much. Here's my little poem about Grim.


Elie Pearson

Everyone needs to upgrade eventually.  Even Death.

Prophecy of Hope (Chapter 2 The Soul Collector) Book 1

Christopher Sillett

Kristena, Rhona, Alex and Kuvawa find themselves flung across the universe, stuck there with no way home.  But to make matters worse, an alien race known as the Tasions, a very powerful humanoid species with far superior strength, speed, agility, and explosive energy abilities want them all dead.  Note to readers.  As with the Prologue and Chapter 1, this is the uneditted version of the chapter 2.  Depending on the comments I get I may post further chapters.  

A Victim's Death

April Bloom

The Deity gave you the gift of life. Always remember that and respect that fact... For I have learnt not to anger the Gods. All apologies!!!>>Ok well, some people may be offended by this story. Please understand I do not believe that this story is ACTUALLY what happens when these people die, I just thought it was an interesting storyline. I might chane this a little later, I didn't put much time into it but I was on a roll. I didn't really think where I was going with the story mind you, which is better in some ways...

Reap What You Sow - Ch3

Rebecca R. Lally

It can be hazardous to your health to be acquianted with Joss, especially if you are a Pixie. But now we get to see how our girl deals with vampires... and pesky hot guys!

And Then I Died

Jessica Rud

Not much to say about this. I just wrote it for English class.


Eva Golden

A revised story of a man who finally admitts to his crimes and damn to live a life of torture

Deadly Embrace

Dorian Yarbrough

This is a poem I wrote whilst doing my homework one night... I wasn't in a dark mood, just bored with Algebra.