N. Bonina

Princess Fye grew frusterated with royalty and decided to visit Earth. After all, anything's better than having to listen to all those lectures, right? She soon finds that Earth is not as safe as she expected.

Society Set

Ray Valen

 Trish's reward for nabbing my 100th comment. Unfortunately she is no longer part of Elfwood so that link is broken. Old storyThis is actually a dream I had, and writing it was my attempt to be deep. In retrospect, I failed dismally. I think it has some untapped potential, which I would like to think I'll get around to tapping sometime in the future but for now it's not in the cards. DescriptionIn the future aliens take over the world and some people aren't very happy about that. 

Killers are Quiet

Kevin Hosein

The morbid articulate narrative of a rebel whom has crossed the line.

Misfits_chapter 2

A. Pare

this is the second part of misfits

Symaira: Chapter eight

Sarah Kerr

Killing two birds with one stone, Luca and Dyian sneak into the palace with Diego's help. There Bethane tells of alarming discoveries that can only confirm their fears

Symaira: Chapter nine

Sarah Kerr

Eleanor discovers a note from Bethane, and becomes determind to find Luca. Meanwhile Vigo's plans thicken unbeknown to the rebels

Symaira: Chapter Three

Sarah Kerr

Dyian comes up with a new plan for Luca, and makes a new enemy in Diego

Songs of the Downtrodden 1 (poem)

Kate Jennings

Writing a series of songs of the people for a story about a downtrodden race. Influenced by a documentary on the English civil war, having taken up the bagpipes and the history of banned languages (e.g. Welsh, Native American languages, Aboriginal languages, etc).

Indira Dakmor-Torture-Part I

Staci Earnest

This is a little bit of my character's life, Indira Dakmor. It's a little bit of a love story, torture, you know. ::Grins::

Misfits-chapter 3

A. Pare

this is the third and last part of Misfits

The Cross

Samuel Lopez

A simple short story, I might add on to It. I could use some constructive critisizim also from anyone who offers.


L. Viner

Inspired by a story in fictionpress.com... About a rebel angel who breaks free and starts a revolution against the gods, who decide the fates of humanity... A fight for freedom. (Note: this doesn't express my religious beliefs and is not intended to offend anyone's religion, it's just a harmless poem and should be seen as such). However healthy criticism is highly appreciated!

Calling the Moon

Ingrid Atkinson

Finley Goleudydd just wants to be one of the boys . . . Part of the Children section for The Perfect Gamble.

Prologue - 'Untitled'

Charles Willett

This is an unfinished prologue to the comic strip or anime video, still unsure of what I'm going to do with it and what the title is going to be and still in production of it. Most likely going to be a comic strip. It's about AI attempting to exterminate humans on Earth and the humans escape to the moon to rebuild civilization. Some of the humans get left behind and build underground civilizations based upon old magical beliefs, some humans are mutated by a virus released by the AI, some humans escape to the moon and rely on technological advances to survive all the while encountering new alien races.

10. Allen's Rebellion

Twyla McKee

A Prince of Fairrin rebels against all standards to marry a human princess. ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~ 03April08 ~ update ~ corrected name of elf who killed the human prince.


Kyle Arthur

Spec: 1 :Shadow Here we have it the first revision of Spec. I was thinking of rewriting this first chapter and I got some input on how to improve it. So here it is Spec 1:revised Enjoy and let me know what you think of the change. I'm especially looking for spelling and grammar mistakes. An elite team armoured marines sent in to do the dirty work. This issue introduces the leader of the team, James 'Specification Shadow' Oswald.

CHAPTER 1 Conticinium: The First Nights...

Richard Vang

The first story, in which we introduce Zerthimon, Calmert and Rebel.

The Rebel's Betrayal

Rochelle Watts

This started with the idea of the world shaking when you touch someone you love. I suddenly thought, what if it wasn't really shaking but just a spaceship docking at the space station you both were on. I know the idea of some rebels and someone, like a king or an emperor, for them to rebel against isn't that original an idea but it worked for the piece. Anyway, read and enjoy.

Rebel Uprising

Melissa Carter

La de da... My longest poem yet, it's a bunch of elven slaves rebelling against their masters, yadda yadda... Typical plotless would-be battle poem.

Wolf Amongst the Sheep (Poem)

Magdalena Dreyer

A kind of 'rebel against humanity' poem. Little more to it than that.