Love your Enemies 01-02

Désirée Dippenaar

This is a story about a future in which the world has been taken over by elves - who are not as nice as the stories used to tell! Humans are forced to live in poverty and dirt while the elves have all they want. But one day, Katarina discovers that not all elves are the same... Some big changes made from the original! Please tell me if there's anything I should still change!! ^^ Latest update: November 2008

The Hammer

Gendou Knepper

Some weapons should never be used . . .

Playing the Game

Eero Saukkonen

A weird little story that had been running around in my head for some time... Also the first battle I wrote of. Not that I had seriously put my mind to it. I didn't think that was very important. This may be edited later, since I usually get the best ideas sometime AFTER I've written the story. But we'll see...

The 'they'.

Jewel Kennedy

A slightly strange story set in a slightly strange world where the class system is a bit... strange. I wrote this about four years ago and am currently in the prosess of re-writing it, but I thoght I'd put it up anyway so I could get feed back and use it in my re-write.

Fox and Ninetail, part 4

Steven Castjohn

When Fox noticed an elven arrow flying at Ninetail, everything changed. He had failed her!  He wasn't the protector he though he was! He made up his mind. If she couldn't rely on him, she needed to know. She needed to know, now! So he ignored his magic and took the arrow himself.Ninetail was devasted. But it pushed her to new highs. She learned healing and put all of her lessons to work. She mastered them as she healed him.Fox woke covered in blood and a crying girl sleeping in his blood. His fury found its target. In the blink of an eye, the elves were gone. And the Frontier learned that the stories were true.Everything was right in Ninetail's world. Fox was always with her. But she was beginning to see him in a new light as she grew older. She wanted more... and so did others.

Avoiding Death's Grasp Chapter One

Matty Roberts

Can you survive the war torn city life of Toyko or battle through the poverty of Sao Paulo in the year 2823. I have to do both!

Avoiding Death's Grasp Introduction

Matty Roberts

Can you survive the war torn city life of Toyko or battle through the poverty of Sao Paulo in the year 2823. I have to do both!

Love your Enemies 05-06

Désirée Dippenaar

Katarina feels more and more the conflict between her village life and the time she spends with Cirion. *lots of new scenes* And this took me 6 months to write...

War Within

Jimmy Knioum, Jr.

Part three of 'Two Paths.' We meet Dominic d'Boniface, at war on behalf of his brutal father the Duke, against peasants in rebellion.


Sarah Mahayni

A young woman learns that not all aliens are the same...

Rebel Uprising

Melissa Carter

La de da... My longest poem yet, it's a bunch of elven slaves rebelling against their masters, yadda yadda... Typical plotless would-be battle poem.

Rydan's Story - history

Lauren Blewett

A backround to the fantasy world in Rydan's Story. 'A King's Prayer' is set in this world. This is the prologue to A King's Prayer, which is about part four in the story. I know, I shouldn't upload them so erratically, but well, whatever. :) Please comment on this one as I'm sure it needs help.

The Pickpocket Princess

Ashley Erwin

The story of a young princess who is raised by a band of theives and rebels.

The Path of Ascension Chapter 6

José López Vega

At last Alros opens his eyes to the wide world beyond Isgrel. The epic adventure of his quest for his destiny has begun

The Halfblood (Chapter One)

T. Smith

Not a very creative title, I know. This is sort of just a beginning I'm planning on developing into a story eventually. It's hard to give it a summary though. Basically, there's something of a war going on about a century into the future of our world. There are new creatures, monsters, etc. A girl is fighting with the resistance against a tyrant that has brought Man to its knees, and a humanoid creature most would call a monster searches in painful hope for a place to belong, outcast from even his own kind because of his mixed blood. Saved from otherwise certain death by this girl and her friends, he faces the option of either helping them, which goes against nearly every rule of his kind, or spending the rest of his life barely surviving on the edges of society. What no one knows is that his decision will affect the future of humanity, and ultimately, the world. Choose wisely, young one.

Iadeis - Sabotage

Katie Hallahan

A piece that would occur much later in Iadeis' story. Now in league with the Rebels, Iadeis is caught with Cliff(the one-eyed Elf) and Clio (the Rebels' Half-Elf leader) in a sabotaged speeder.

Excerpt from Floodborne

Peder Palmstierna

Ratmalana (read 'Floodborne intro' if you haven't already) has come a long way after his first meeting with the Koben nomads and has been given a new name: Vaynabar, or Vayn for short. Fallen into the company of eloped slaves come rebels, he is now waiting for the signal to start the coup to take over Shagore, a region capital of the Ifahri theocracy. The waiting is taxing his patience, so he goes in search of his friend Wulo...

Star Wars Rebels: The Third Time

Lena LeRay

Ezra lost control and used the force out of fear. Now he can't sleep.