'Winter Song'

Ben Peery

A poem about the Celtic death of the old year and beginning of the new.

It Soars

Allyson Yearry

This is a poem I wrote awhile ago, that got published in my High School's literary magazine, 'Mindprints'. I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Chapter 8 - Deljin

Debra Turpin

Deljin endures the Rebirth Ceremony. She asserts her own personality into the normally strictly adhered to ritual.

Corruption Reborn...

Rocco Davis

Blackwing's return from the dead...


Amy Yancey

A poem about one of my role play characters. She's my favorite and longest running one. She went from a dragon rider, to a reborn child, to a vampire.

The Soul

Dianna Arnold

This was done a number of years ago, and is a tribute to my dog Kira, who died of a grand mal siezure.  She was an Alaskan Malamute and loved children.  If you don't know what an Alaskan Malamute is, look 'em up.  They're absolutly great dogs, if sometimes stubborn, and are great with kids and generally love people more than any lab could hope to.  Not that I have anything against labs, but malamutes have a "dog-anality" all their own.  This story is also a tribute to all the other pets I've had and loved through the years.

Life and Death

Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

Ummmmm, this is actually the one Love Forever is based on. I submitted this to poetry.com for an amatur poetry contest, and made semi finals so far. If that changes, I'll let you know. This is also the poem that is going to be published in a coffe table book from the International Librery of Poetry. Yes, I'm happy, I know.... And new news- This is also going to be one of thirty-three poems read professionally on a disk set, so I AM VERY HAPPY NOW!!! YAY!!!

Love Forever

Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

Okay, so the character (Foxsong) has her husband taken to war, and when she learns of his death, she finds a sorcerer, which is forbidden, who revives him in exchange for her death. Yeah. I know. Its a bit morbid. I'm actually working on a story with one plot line derived from this poem, but it has changed radically. Rambling, i know.........


AC Bamblett

A short, extemporaneous tale of one woman's search through lives to find completion and learn the value of merely living.

Keeper of the 7th Gate

Amanda Sutherland

Another poem. Based on the story of the descent of Inanna, who was a Babylonian goddess. You can figure out the story yourself, or look it up somewhere. There are meant to be a lot of sexual connotations to the story, but that is ignored in this telling.

Prolouge:My Level, Corrupt

Jeff McVey

This was going to just be a short story. But then I found out that most of my other poems could fit into this with a little plot twisting. So Tasheval ((from my poem, 'Wrath of Tasheval')) and Scelestra ((from my poem 'Angel on my level')) will both be in my novel, the rest of the heros I can't introduce here, you'll just have to read and find out! I feel it is a nice work and my first step towards a (good) novel! ^^

The Bird of Autumn

Micheal Yang

The fiery glow of the fallen leaves; A bird that watches from the trees . . .

Mystic Bird

Malis Vitterfolk

I have always loved the legened of the firebird or phoenix and what it can represent.

Smallest of Gifts - Prologue

Brian Saul

looong ago lost in an elfwood crash, I'm 'finally' getting around to putting it back online. ^^ ...not quite sure what prompted me to write this, honestly. Just kinda hit me in a rush of inspiration...I usually don't do prologues, but it just seemed right at the time to give the reader some insight into the world my Smallest of Gifts takes place in. Tis important to note too, that this is just a brief history of sorts, and doesn't directly impact the story.  Just shows what came before the present story, and a bit about the universe...just a bit.Anyways...enjoy! ^^

Shadows and Flights

Brenda Dale

This story is rather an interesting take on shadows and darkness.

Shadow of the Dark Phoenix - Chapter 01

Brenda Dale

The Princess of Lineria thought that everything would be fine. She had been groomed from birth to become a leader. She did not expect her sister to usurp her power and become driven by some infernal means. Our heorine (yes I've renamed her) must find out what her destiny will become.

Memoirs of a Vampire Part 2

Fritz Nosbaum

Even though there wasn't much feedback for the first part, I wrote on. Just for fun actually, but after 3 tries, this is what I liked best. Which doesn't mean that it's good.

The Aurora

Valerie Grabski

A little girl dreams of flight, but when her dream comes true, she knows not what this means.


Charles Jacob

Death is only a point of view, if we displace consciousness, the cycle can be observed and beauty emerges.

Scarlet Rose (poem)

Amanda Williams

This is a short little thing I wrote on my favorite of the mythical beasts, the pheonix. The pheonix sings a song more beautiful then you can imagine, and as it's life ends the song become more beautiful and soilitary and sorrowfull. Then as it takes it's last breath it dies in the flames of it's own body. After three days of the undisturbed ashes left behind from it's tragic death it rebirths itself. The pheonix symbolises rebirth and innocents, the innocents that can only be seen after the fire has seered away all of the evil.