Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.

Paradise In Flowers Bloom, Part II

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

Walking through the rain one destined day, Ronin comes upon startling discoveries. Whispers in the wet streets of the mysterious city of Windrow brings a new meaning to 'Are you afraid of the dark?'

But a Whimper

Theodore Stimac

Alone in a post apocoliptic world, a man considers his next course of action. Special thanks to: T.S. Eliot and E.A. Poe

Raven Rose : Origins ch. 5-7

Michelle Lackey

A tale of werewolves, vampires, and something the world has never seen before... The continuing adventures of Devon and Red's endless sarcasm. I really like using sound and thoughts in this story. Could it possibly serve a unique literary purpose? Probably not. Oh yes, most blood and gore happens behind closed doors or off page, but that doesn't mean you don't see it. You have been WARNED!!! Enjoy.

Untitled - so far

Michelle Lackey

This story is actually a lead up to another I'm working on. It's about Rachel later in life, but for now she's eight/nine. Um, the story moves a little more slowly than most that I would write since the fast ones get people confused. You critical people, this is your chance to shine (just remember that this is only chapters 1-4). Go to it!

Pass the sauce

Steven James

light hearted humor of a bunch of dragons and their meal.

Wolf's Defence

Peter Blair

The Big Bad Wolf isn't really all that bad. He's been viciously attacked by all sorts of folks out to tarnish his reputation. This story sprang into my mind right after I read Jennifer 'laieanna' Brown's 'Live at Six'. Perhaps she will rouse from her slumber and write some more (/not so subtle hint). ^_^ I always figured that there would be more popular references to the bad wolf in litterature, but I couldn't think of any that I didn't cover. If you think of any others, please let me know!

The Lady of the Marshes

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

My epic. So to speak. A long poem that actually has a plot, and my favorite completed work. Some people seem to find it odd that I have it memorized. The tune is a slightly mangled version of 'Hush, Little Baby.' After I wrote it, it seemed to have a bit of an environmental theme. Now and again, I try to think how I could make the rhythm a little smoother.

Red Sky's Dream

Jodie Kirk

Red sky is a character of mine, created for an exulted game. He is an abbysal, which basicly means he is a solar turned bad. Confused yet? Not to worry this is really a one off.

Ch 8 - Big Red

Dave Steele

Clara meets Serena (Big Red) the swordswoman, and a close friend of the Enchanter's circle.

Innocence Stained

Christina Lee

A Fallen Angel. Please comment!

Ch 1 - Daydreams

Dave Steele

This is the story of Clara's adventures on the planet Yed. Clara is (was) an earth girl, 'kidnapped' by a magical backfire by her now-mentor Tim the Enchanter.

The Little Dragonet

William Russell

This is the story of a cute little female red dragonet who discovers a human living in the dragons mountain.


Jason Romein

This is a story which features one of my characters who goes by the name of Ross de la Kerr. I'll let the story describe him for you.

A True Heroine

Jason Romein

This story seemed to flow from my mind, as if it were writing itself. This one introduces one of the most feared creatures in my world (i won't spoil what it is) =]

Beneath the Crimson Moon

Regina Rotshtein

I've always loved any imagery, visual or verbal, involving the moon, and a red moon, in particular. Then I was finally truly inspired by it. This story went from initial idea to written product within 25 hours, a personal record.

Red Roses; chapter 3

monique Hout

chapter 3, so what to do now? alone out in the street and no sign of this vampire

Red Static (Song)

David S. Percival

This is a song me and Steven Bowcott, our band vocalist (and a better guitarist than I'll ever be) wrote a few days ago (March 14th, 2001 or so). It's about me, Steve, and Jen, a friend of ours, walking alone on New Years. The music that goes along with this song is...amazing. We wrote on the fly, in one jam session. I was on Rhythm guitar (I love the support roles- I'm a bassist at heart, i think), Steve was on lead (our normal lead guitarist wasn't there, and he seldom writes anyway), and our Drummer, a little guy named Rob, was on...well...Drums. Long story short, we had the best song ever come out in fifteen minutes or so. Think Deftones mixed with Tool mixed with Mudvayne, with a tiny slab of Manson thrown in for fun.

A Little Lost Sheep

Robert Brewster

I wrote this story for my english teacher. She said that it had 'Amazing imagery' what do you think?

A Hero's Fire: Prologue

Shannon Sconce

A once peaceful planet ruled by an evil spiritual force, a slave race wants their freedom and there is only one way to take back the planet that was rightfully theirs...to follow one man on his quest to become one with a secret flame that burns within his very soul and gives him the power to fight the darkness! (Very sci-fi :-))