Dragon Slain (Poem)


The structure was something I came up with on the fly. The subject explains itself. Of all my poems posted here, this remains my favorite.


Roz Wolberger

Your reflection IS looking back at you...

Reflection of a Lady Killer

Erin Smith

This isn't a story I like, because the material bugs me. I don't like drug additon, prositutes, and killing, and like stories about them even less...however, I think that if you if you can tell a type of story you don't like, then you can tell a story you do like.

One Chance

Emily Arnould

I've got several versions of this piece. It was originally written quite a while ago - around two years, I think - and has recently been edited into it's current incarnation. It deals with Dog, one of my oldest consistantly used characters, and is a sort of reflection on his part. It's still not in its final form yet, of course, so suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated.

Reflection of a Vampire -poem-

Caitlin Finan

My eighth-grade LA teacher decided to have us write a sonnet. Those of you who have written them before will probably agree with me when I say it's insanely difficult to get all the words to fit and rhyme. It was easier, though, when I decided to write about one of my favorite topics: VAMPIRES!! (Yes, my teacher thought there was something wrong with me.) Anyway... again with the stupid apostrophes. grrrr...ah, well.

Have You ?

Lev Wolf' Faerman

What would you answer ? This is my first poem.

Through the Mirror - Prologue

Paul S.Valley

An incredibly enticing adventure. Thats all that need be said.

Horned Man of Reflections


a Poem.

Shadow of a Fallen Mountain

Timothy Walsh

This is a poem I wrote on a road trip through New Mexico. Needless to say, it was a pretty reflective experience. Its about not being able to see what's best for us and for others.

Out of the Glass: Chapter 1

Monica Labins

Ever wondered about the secrets inside your mirror?  Sure, the world tells you that a mirror is simple a polished surface that reflects light that is bouncing off of your body back into your eyes, but is that what it really is?  What if there is a world devoted entirely to making sure you always have your reflection right there in your mirror?

Mirror mirror

L. Viner

A lot of cultures seem to believe the mirror is some sort of gateway to another realm, a passage to all sort of night creatures... Do we really want to know what hides behind the mirror?

Lorendain Chronicles 1: Artorius

Angela Markham

A tale of long ago of a king who never was, of a knight who ascended to the title of Emperor, whose popularity rivalled that of the gods. An epic tale of swords and sorcery, love and daring, and the sacrifices we must all make.

The Sisters

Diogo Teles

I wrote this as an attempt do describe what went through my mind when I looked at a drawing made by Ana N. Cosme She asked me to write a story about it and this is what came out. After reading the story please take a look at the the last reflection- :)

Stark Naked

Jessica Walls


Peter Dahlgren

This is my first 'real' story I've ever written in English. It's a bit short but I thought it came out pretty good

Untitled (poem)

S. Gyory

This poem just kind of came in one of those zoning-out moments... It's a little... sad... Nonetheless, enjoy.


Erin Washburn

People are always talking about Echo and how she wasted away... what about Narcissus? What does he have to say about life before his rooting?

Fooled by a Reflection

Ana León Guzmán

Have you ever heard about worlds behind mirrors? Well, I have. This ending, as all my endings, is a tragic one. Perhaps one day day I will write a happy one. But, as I was saying so, it is about a young man that falls in love with a girl, but the girl falls in love with the music she heards coming from the mirror at night. It's the reflection of the young man that's playing the music. She founds out a way to comunicate with him a develops a plan to get rid of the young man. This is what happens:


Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

a newer poem I wrote. I was extremely depressed when I wrote this, as you can probably tell.

Poem - Reflection

Ling-Ling Dun