Katie Gillis

I came up with this around September of 2003, kinda out of no where. It's not based on religious beliefs or anything, just out of my crazed mind. It may be a little hard to tell, but the person is being reincarnated from one form (winged human) to another (insectoid).Final version

Destiny and Time Prologue

J Taylor

The soldiers have fought since the beginning of time; reincarnated into each new generation, but a decision has been made and it could tear the cycle forever.

Freedom In Hell, chapter 2

Brooke Schwartz

ahhh the second chapter. of freedom in hell. I hope people will be impressed, cuz i guess chapter 1 was a failure. if you like chapter 2, youve gotta keep checkin in for chapter 3, cuz youll love it.

The Soul

Dianna Arnold

This was done a number of years ago, and is a tribute to my dog Kira, who died of a grand mal siezure.  She was an Alaskan Malamute and loved children.  If you don't know what an Alaskan Malamute is, look 'em up.  They're absolutly great dogs, if sometimes stubborn, and are great with kids and generally love people more than any lab could hope to.  Not that I have anything against labs, but malamutes have a "dog-anality" all their own.  This story is also a tribute to all the other pets I've had and loved through the years.


AC Bamblett

A short, extemporaneous tale of one woman's search through lives to find completion and learn the value of merely living.

A New Star

Pete Anderson

Reincarnation in the way of the most heroic of Greek Heroes was to be made a star (that was one step below being made a diety, which only to my knoweldge Herakles has been). Here two remaining on Gaia speak of a departed heroic friend who has favoured the gods and become a star in her own right.

Unity of Fawn and Dragon

Ruena Houck

A poem telling the story of a fawn's love for a dragon.

Re-Incarnate: Ch. 23-26

Dale Hardman

Getting near the end now. Hope you like it.


Charles Jacob

Death is only a point of view, if we displace consciousness, the cycle can be observed and beauty emerges.

Destiny and Time Part Two

J Taylor

The newest addition to the ongoing series. Further insight to the daily life of those who must fight.

Circle of Seasons- Prologue

Margaret Fisher

Modern fantasy

The Looking Glass

Francis Sutanto

This would be one of the short stories that I'm fairly satisfied with, though it will always be open for change depending on my whim. The entire inspiration for this came from an odd daydreaming session I had during school (yes, how bad of me to do that) when I 'heard' a voice telling me this entire story, which I wrote down as faithfully as I could at that moment. Yes, I hear voices every once in awhile, but what writer who has strange characters doesn't? Ah well, enjoy and leave comments!

Freedom In Hell, chapter 1

Brooke Schwartz

This is the first chapter of my current project,Freedom In Hell(subject to change.)Kind of a compilation of a few dreams, I think youll all like it, it is nothing like my other, oh and if youre looking for action your not going to find it here... wait till the next two chapters though...

Bonds Between ch 3

Sarah Askew

Tek meets the seeress and regains some former knowledge, not to mention some old friends. ;)

The Continent: The Land That Was - Ch. I

Amy Wilbur

'What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.' --T. S. Eliot, 'Four Quartets'

Second Time Round

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

A young human woman was murdered centuries ago, in another world. She has been reincarnated into this day and age. However, two others have been reincarnated as well, and one of them is her murderer…

Love Story???

Heather Nicholson

I'm not sure exactly what this is. A love story? maybe, but a bit twisted. I have no idea if it makes any sense at all, but for some unknown reason I sort of like it.

Destiny and Time Part Three

J Taylor

The actions of two within the Order have set loose new possibilities; whether for better or worse, both sides prepare for the future. Delving deeper, new people can be found awoken by the disturbance

People of the Ash: Prologue

Katie Hallahan

The Prologue to 'People of the Ash.' This portion is an exerpt from a text written about them, introducing the Ashion race to the reader.

Return to the World

Elizabeth Gerrow

A poem about someone's reincarnation and seeing to what they once did. I have a friend in mind when writing this, who was a fighter long ago.